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    The First Turnabout 

Day 1 - Trial

It is Phoenix Wright's very first court trial as a lawyer and he is understandably very nervous. Not only is the defendant accused for murdering his girlfriend, Cindy Stone, with a statue, but he is defending his idiot friend, Larry Butz. The prosecutor, Winston Payne, even has a witness who can testify against him. Thankfully his mentor, Mia Fey, comes to make things a lot easier for him (and by easy we mean lending a tutorial for this game).

Frank Sahwit, who claims to be a salesman, claims to have walked in on Larry just in time to see him do in his girlfriend. After his first testimony, Phoenix discovers that Sahwit got the time wrong. But how? After a series of testimonies, Phoenix discovers that the statue is actually a clock, a gift from Larry. Sahwit got the time wrong because the clock got it wrong as it wasn't changed back after the victim came home from a vacation. He couldn't have heard it any other way because there was a blackout. Using this logic, Phoenix concludes that Sahwit was the murderer as he was the only guy around to have heard the clock. He must have activated the clock when he hit Cindy's head with it.

And so Larry is acquitted and Sahwit is taken in. Larry however, is sad because during the trial, Payne made allegations that Cindy was the type of girl with many "sugar daddies", and led Larry along without caring for him. However, Phoenix presents the Statue to him to show that Cindy actually did care, leaving Larry with mixed emotions. Mia congratulates Phoenix for his first win and Phoenix lets it slip that Larry was one of the people who inspired him to become a defense attorney; stopping short of more details, he promises to tell Mia the whole story later...

The truth

One day, Larry Butz was in an apartment waiting for his girlfriend Cindy Stone who just came back from Paris. Cindy took too long to return and there was a blackout so Larry decided to leave the apartment and come back another time. However, Larry forgot to lock the door on his way out.

Enter Frank Sahwit, a burglar who disguises himself as some sort of salesman. He watched Larry leave the door open and saw this as an opportunity to take some things for himself. What can go wrong?

In the middle of his burglary, Cindy finally arrived, only to see a stranger wrecking her apartment. Panicking, Sahwit grabbed a statuette/clock hybrid and hit her in the head with it, killing her. The force from the impact activated the clock, which claimed it was 1:00 PM. This turned out to be incorrect as Cindy had not changed the clock back from her vacation.

Fearing any trouble that would come from this, Sahwit remembered the other person leaving the apartment and decided to pin the murder on him, while claiming to be the witness. Again, what could go wrong?


    Turnabout Sisters 

We start off with a phone call between Mia and her sister. Mia claims to be holding some sort of evidence and wants Maya to do something for it. They then decide to plan a dinner together.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans...

Day 1 - Investigation

In the darkness of night, Phoenix Wright arrives at Mia's office, only to see Mia's lifeless body limping on a wall, with an adolescent girl in strange robes crying on her shoulder. Phoenix examines the scene and finds a bloodied Thinker, the same murder weapon from last case, with some clockwork missing from it, and a receipt with a blood-red MAYA written on it. This Maya is the younger girl, Maya Fey, Mia's younger sister, who is shocked to find her bloody name written on a piece of paper. Phoenix then notices a young woman across the alley presumingly phoning for the police.

Just then, the police arrive and, seeing the evidence written on the paper, take Maya into custody.

The next day, Phoenix visits Maya at the detention center. There he learns that Maya comes from a family of spirit mediums who can contact the dead. Maya's power is too weak unfortunately so she can't contact Mia right now. After hearing about the phone call, Phoenix wants to hear it, but Maya says Dick Gumshoe, a detective, has taken her phone from her. So Phoenix retrieves the phone from Gumshoe, who tells Phoenix that he will be facing an undefeated prosecutor named Miles Edgeworth, a name that doesn't sit well with our spikey-haired hero. Gumshoe also accidentally reveals that the witness will be April May, the woman Phoenix saw phone the police last night, who is staying at the Gatewater Hotel, which is across the street from Fey & Co. Offices. Phoenix goes there to question her but doesn't get anything out of her.

Phoenix decides to get a lawyer for Maya, so he heads to Grossberg Law Offices, complete with a lovely painting, and asks Grossberg, Mia's friend and former mentor, to take Maya's case. However, he turns it down, stating that in fact, no one would be willing to take Maya's case.

Undaunted, Phoenix decides to take the case himself. He talks to Maya again and learns that 15 years ago, her family was involved in the "DL-6 Incident" in which her family was called upon to aid in a murder investigation. Her mother, Misty Fey, was used to channel the victim in order to properly identify the murderer. Unfortunately, the accused was proven innocent. Then, a man called "White" let the story leak to the public, where they declared the medium a fraud and made her and the police the laughing stock of the nation. Unable to take the shame, Misty left her family behind in disgrace and hasn't been seen since. Later, Mia left the village to become a lawyer, partly out of a desire to expose the man who ruined her family. Phoenix also learns that Mia, despite high hopes for him after his first case, considered him "three years" too early to lead a defense alone.

When taking one last trip to Gatewater, Phoenix meets a bellboy, who tells Phoenix that April works for a guy named "White". He also finds a wiretap in a drawer. Phoenix concludes this evidence could be helpful for the trial the next day and leaves.

Day 2 - Trial

This trial introduces us to Miles Edgeworth, an infamous attorney known as a "Demon Prosecutor"; plagued with numerous rumors of tampering with evidence and witnesses.

After a failed attempt to find contradictions from Gumshoe's testimony, Phoenix finds better luck with a very bubbly and bouncy April's testimony, who somehow knew that the murder weapon is a clock, when in fact it was impossible for her to know it was a clock as there was no clockwork in the statuette at the time of the murder and it wasn't sold in any stores. The only way she might have heard it was in Maya's phone call, which Phoenix proves by presenting the wiretap.

Upon Phoenix's request, Edgeworth calls in the bellboy to confirm any suspicions, under the agreement that if the bellboy's testimony doesn't reveal any new facts, the trial will end. After some tense cross-examination, the bellboy reveals that someone else checked in a room from Gatewater with April at the night of the murder, a fact that Edgeworth tried to conceal by instructing him to not reveal unless directly asked.

Phoenix claims that the man with April may have something to do with the murder, as the bellboy was not able to place the man in the room around the time of the murder. With this information, the judge suspends the trial for the day, demanding more investigation into the matter.

Day 2 - Investigation

After another failed attempt to get something out of a very unbubbly but still bouncy April, Phoenix takes some time to do some more investigating. He eventually learns that a man named Redd White, CEO of Bluecorp was the person that checked in with April the night of the murder. He goes to meet White himself, who reveals that Bluecorp buys and sells information, even sensitive ones. White also heavily implies that, even if he has something to do with the murder, it would be next to impossible to put White on the witness stand as the law is a "toy" to him. Phoenix then notices a painting - the same painting he saw at Grossberg's office. White responds by punching Phoenix in the face, informing him that an attempt for an assault charge would fail and dares the attorney to ask Grossberg about why he no longer owns the painting.

Phoenix meets Grossberg again, this time the painting is not there. This leads Phoenix to discover that Redd White has been blackmailing Grossberg. It turns out Grossberg was the one who told White about the "DL-6 Incident" in exchange for a large sum of money. However, this turned out to be a very bad move, as the police began investigation into discovering the whistleblower's identity. White met with Grossberg again and offered to keep silent about the leak, but with a heavy price.

And it wasn't just Grossberg whom White was blackmailing; Grossberg reveals that White was also blackmailing a lot of high profile people through Bluecorp's "information gathering", including members in the legal field. Despite discovering that several of Mia's files had been stolen from the crime scene, Phoenix comes across a folder containing a number of newspaper articles of suicide reports with "White" written on them; it turns out that Mia was investigating people who were blackmailed by White, hoping to expose his practices, before her death.

After Phoenix confronts White and accusing him of depraved indifference and of Mia's murder, White decides to testify in court tomorrow - against Phoenix! In shock, Phoenix discovers that White wasn't kidding when he said the law was his toy, as he uses his grip on several important legal figures, including the Chief Prosecutor, to demand that charges be brought against Phoenix.

And so now Phoenix Wright is the prime suspect for murdering his own mentor. On the the bright side, at least Maya is cleared of suspicion of murdering her sister. Deciding to represent himself in court, Phoenix is surprised to discover that Maya wants to be by his side in confronting White, and will join him at the defense bench in court.

Final Day - Trial

The trial begins with White's testimony of "witnessing" the crime. When asked to be more specific, White mentions Mia ran to the left before she was clobbered. However, April's testimony stated that Mia ran to the right. It's a contradiction, but both witnesses are right. April saw Mia run right because she saw the crime from a window across the street. White saw her run left because he was inside the office at the time. This didn't help his case especially since he mentioned a lamp that fell, which he couldn't possibly see from his hotel room. This proves that White was indeed inside Mia's office that night...

...But it doesn't prove that White actually DID kill Mia, as Edgeworth points out. He was simply there to do some wiretapping, as Phoenix had previously proven. White mentions that he tapped the phone a whole week before the murder, which was when he saw the lamp.

Phoenix fails to find anything wrong with White's testimony. Bleakly, it looks like it's all over for him...

That is until he hears Mia's voice. But isn't she dead? Well she is, but Maya finally managed to contact the late lawyer, who shows Phoenix that she bought the lamp the day before the murder took place. White could not have seen it because he put the wiretap on Mia a week before the murder, so he could not have seen the lamp because it wasn't there at the time.

With this new information, Phoenix makes White eat his words. Hooray! But the celebration is a bit too early, as Edgeworth asks for another continuance for more investigation, claiming that Phoenix still could have been the culprit. However, Mia gives Phoenix a list of names to disclose in court; which turn out to be names of all the people that White was blackmaiing. Pleading for Wright to stop, White finally confesses to the murder and both Phoenix & Maya are officially cleared.

Later, Phoenix finds that Mia post-humously left her legal office to him, whereupon he makes Maya his assistant (or is it the other way around?), and has the ghost of his mentor as his spirit mentor, ready to help when he needs her...

The truth

15 years ago, a murder took place and what took place baffled investigators. They couldn't find a lead despite their best efforts. Out of despiration, they used a spirit medium to contact the victim and tell them who had done it. It was reasoned that the victim should have the knowlege of his killer and thus would be able to assist in his own murder investigation.

It turned out to be unsuccessful. The man which the victim accused of the crime was declared innocent. One of the lawyers (Marvin Grossberg) sells this information to Bluecorp's CEO Redd White, who labeled the spirit medium as a fraud out in public and made her the laughing stock to the nation. The medium couldn't bear the humiliation and, after being defended by Grossberg himself in the fallout, went into hiding. Grossberg felt guilty for revealing the investigation with the medium (now known as the "DL-6 Incident") so White offered Grossberg to keep silent about his role... for a price.

Years later, Mia Fey, daughter of the medium, left the village to become a lawyer. She put much of her work on investigating Redd White, the man she declared her enemy. It turned out that Bluecorp earned its success and wealth through blackmail. White had many high profile people bend under his will by essentially holding them hostage and take their wealth from them for his own needs. Some even committed suicide to get away from it all.

Unfortunately, White himself took notice of Mia's actions. He decided to spy on her, giving April May a wiretap and ordering her to put it in Mia's office.

One week later, Mia phoned her sister Maya and told her that she had some evidence against White ready. This confirmed White's suspicions; Mia was trying to put him under law and decided to end her investigation permanently. There is even someone he can blame, the little sister who may also know of Mia's investigations. White booked a room in the Gatewater Hotel, which is across Mia's office, along with his secretary April May. He then strolled into Mia's office as April stayed in the hotel room to create an alibi. Mia tried to run for the door (White's left and April's right) but White was much quicker. In the struggle, they knocked over a lamp Mia bought the day before. White took the empty "Thinker" clock (that Mia referred into in the phone call) and hit Mia's head with it, killing her. He then took Mia's blood, wrote Maya's name with it on the receipt of the lamp, took several of Mia's files with him, left, and had April call the cops on Maya. With Mia dead and Maya framed for murdering her sister, White would be able to rest easy with the knowledge that Mia Fey was no longer a threat to him...

...Or so he thought.

    Turnabout Samurai 

One month after the last case, Maya arrives to the newly established Wright & Co. Law Offices to tell Phoenix horrible, horrible, news; Her favorite TV star, The Steel Samurai has been arrested! (Okay it's pretty bad but still) Phoenix brushes off her reaction until he receives a phone call - from the Steel Samurai himself!

Day 1 - Investigation

In the Detention Center Phoenix and Maya meet the Steel Samurai, or rather Will Powers, the actor who plays him. He has been accused for murdering Jack Hammer, who played the Evil Magistrate, the Samurai's arch enemy by impaling his chest with his prop. He denies killing Hammer as he was taking a nap as it happened.

Phoenix and Maya go to Global Studios and find a grouchy elderly woman, Wendy Oldbag, who tells them that Jack Hammer was once a star until ten years ago. She is certain that Powers was guilty as she claims to have seen him when the murder took place. After getting a pass from Powers, Phoenix and Maya enter Global Studios but aren't allowed in the Employee Area.

They meet Gumshoe, who tells them that the reason Powers was arrested is that he was the only person to have gone to the studios, the scene of the crime. Also Oldbag is a sucker for detectives so she gave them very valuable evidence. They try to enter Studio One, but it's locked, so Phoenix and Maya look elsewhere. They search the Employee Area and find a plate with a steak bone and a drain that looks like a child could fit through. They also find a cardkey in Powers' purse.

With the cardkey, they arrive at the scene of the crime. There, they find a friendly assistant named Penny Nichols, who actually believes that Powers is innocent but doesn't know if he actually was napping at the time of the crime. She does however claim to have sensed someone...

After telling Penny's claim to Oldbag, the old security guard runs off to hunt down the assistant. Phoenix and Maya take advantage of this and check the computer Oldbag was so sensitive about. It contains a picture of the Steel Samurai, but is it really Will Powers in that suit?

Day 2 - Trial

Edgeworth calls in Oldbag as his witness to the crime. She reveals that the reason she was sure it was Powers inside the costume in the photo is that during rehearsal, Powers sprained his ankle and in the photo, you could see The Steel Samurai dragging his foot across the floor, She also claims that no one else went past the camera though the photo of the guy in the costume was labeled #2, so he can't have been the the only one who passed it. Oldbag retaliates by claiming she threw away the other photo. She remembers seeing a fanboy earlier today. Before Phoenix says anything, Edgeworth points out that the spear would be too heavy for a child to hold so he couldn't have been the killer.

During recess Phoenix and crew are out of options so they decide to convince the court to extend the trial for another day. They do this by accusing Oldbag, since she doesn't have an alibi and she knew about Powers' ankle.

Not willing to face charges against murder, Oldbag reveals that she had been told to hide something else regarding the crime. She reveals that two more people were at the studio that day; the director and the producer.

With this new information out of the bag, the judge calls off the trial for today.

Day 2 - Investigation

Phoenix and Maya decide to look around Studio Two for a bit, which was previously blocked by the debris from a storm from the day of the murder. There, they find some interesting stuff: the number 2 on the sign, some soot in the incinerator, and a very uncomfortable looking flowerbed. Penny is acting as a guard today and her job is to lock up anything that kids would go through (which Maya unlocks)

In the dressing room they meet the leet-speaking director of Steel Samurai, Sal Manella, who claims to have been in a meeting at Studio 2 at the time of the murder. Well he's no good. Phoenix then runs into a very upset Wendy Oldbag, who says she was let go because she couldn't fit inside the costume. She's no good either. They then run into the kid, Cody Hackins, who is also a nut for Steel Samurai and claims to have seen everything. He then runs off. Not fit for murder anyways. They find a key to the Studio 2 trailer and, what else, go inside the Studio 2 trailer with it.

Inside Phoenix and Maya meet the producer Dee Vasquez, who is known for saving Global Studios in the past. After running an errand for her, she reveals that she was part of the meeting in Studio 2. They could have gone to Studio One had Mr. Monkey's head not been blocking the path. The head fell before the murder took place and was removed after the crime took place so there was no way people could get to the scene of the crime as it happened. Both the producer and the director were trapped at Studio 2 when the crime took place. Therefore, they have a very convincing alibi.

It seems everything is at a dead end. That is until Maya contacts Mia, who reminds Phoenix that Cody Hackins, the kid they saw earlier, said that he saw everything. She suggests to Phoenix that they would need some details on what he saw.

So Phoenix and Mia go back to Global Studios and, after some trading card shenanigans, have Cody talk. Cody claims to have been there when the Steel Samurai killed the um... bad guy. He had a camera with him, as he always does but couldn't get a picture. This doesn't look good for Powers, but things get worse when Gumshoe arrives, says to have heard everything, and puts him under protection.

Now it's highly likely that Cody would be called up and give details about the Steel Samurai's "victory".

Day 3 - Trial

Edgeworth calls Manella to the stand. Here, Phoenix and Mia learn that they had a break in Studio 2 for fifteen minutes. And the murder just happens to have taken place during those fifteen minutes. However, this still doesn't change the fact that no one left Studio 2.

After a short break, Cody is called up and his testimony reveals that he didn't have his camera with him. Phoenix had to do some pushing, but Cody keeps trying to be vague. The reason? The Steel Samurai had lost and Cody couldn't bring himself to believe it happened.

Phoenix concludes that the man in the costume wasn't Will Powers, but Jack Hammer, the victim. Cody, relieved that it wasn't really the Steel Samurai who was killed, finally reveals that he did save a single photo. He present it to the court.

At a glance, it doesn't show anything vital, except for a large number 2 that is hanging in the photo.

This completely changes everything! It turns out the fight took place in Studio 2, which means that Studio 2 is the real crime scene, not Studio One. And since everyone else was at Studio 2 at the time, this means that they were there when the crime took place!

So why would Jack Hammer steal the Steel Samurai costume? And how? Phoenix shows that there were sleeping drugs found near Powers' plate. And if the fingerprints were right, then Hammer would have drugged Powers with sleeping pills.

The Judge extends the trial for another day and asks Phoenix to find out why Hammer drugged Powers and who the real killer is.

Day 3 - Investigation

Mia turns back into Maya, who joins Phoenix into talking to Powers. Powers says that Dee Vasquez joined Global Studios around the same time Hammer lost his stardom. At the Studios they learn from Oldbag that Manella is pretty much a slave to Vasquez. They later run into Gumshoe, who reveals that Hammer had indeed drugged Powers. Penny then tells them that The Steel Samurai, to Maya's horror, will be getting cancelled so people will forget about the crime. When they show her Cody's album, Penny reveals that Hammer "accidentally" killed someone five years ago, and Vasquez kept it quiet. Oldbag then confesses that a paparazzi caught the moment when Hammer killed a fellow co-worker. Vasquez, who actually has ties to the mafia, had used the photo against him since the incident. Luckily, Oldbag kept the photo safe and hands it to the duo.

Phoenix presents the photo to Vasquez. He then accuses her of blackmailing Hammer about the incident, ruining his stardom. Vasquez wanted the photo to be destroyed, but it seems Oldbag nabbed it before it could happen. Phoenix refuses to give her the photo so Vasquez decides to call her "crew" to have them "erased".

Fortunately, Gumshoe arrives and puts Vasquez under arrest. It looks like things are starting to look up.

Final Day - Trial

This time Vasquez is called up into court. She begins by recounting where she was at the time of the murder, she even mentions eating T-bone steaks, which doesn't make sense as there were no bones on their plates like Hammer and Powers'. Phoenix says that they didn't eat the steaks because they were too busy encountering the Steel Samurai.

Phoenix then points the finger at Vasquez, but she couldn't have used the spear, which Phoenix agrees. But it doesn't matter because the spear wasn't the murder weapon. The spear was broken so it couldn't be the weapon.

So if the spear wasn't the murder weapon, then what was? Phoenix then rattles the mystery. Vasquez had pushed Hammer into the flowerbed. The gate impaled Hammer as Hammer did to a co-worker 5 years ago. So how did they move the body? They used a van, driven by Manella.

Vasquez testifies once more but once again, she slips up. She thought Hammer was injured when in fact he was emulating Powers' injured ankle. He wanted to pin the blame on him. This proves that Vasquez only met Hammer.

But Vasquez had a motive right? Actually, no. In fact, it was Hammer that wanted to kill Vasquez. He couldn't handle the suffering Vasquez made him go through. So to kill his problems, he tried to kill Vasquez, but it was he who bit the dust.

At this point Vasquez finally confesses and Powers is off the hook.

Will is free to go, but there is still one question, why would Hammer try to pin the blame on Powers. Phoenix explains that it's because Hammer was jealous of Powers' fame as the Steel Samurai. He believed that he had taken his glory from him.

Edgeworth walks up to Phoenix and tells him that he doesn't want to see him again because seeing Phoenix makes him feel "unnecessary" feelings. Meanwhile, Global Studios decides to continue with kid shows, starting with The Pink Princess, whose design was inspired by Maya's medium get-up.

The truth

5 years ago television star Jack Hammer was doing some practice with his fellow co-worker on Studio Two at Global Studios. Suddenly, Hammer killed said co-worker by impaling him on a very sharp gate of a flowerbed. A paparazzi caught the moment on tape but he was caught by newly hired producer, Dee Vasquez. She silenced the paparazzi and ordered the photo destroyed. However, crazed old fangirl Wendy Oldbag grabbed it before they could do so.

Since said co-worker was precious to Vasquez (as implied in a flashback), she offered to keep Hammer's incident a secret as long as he pays the price. Ever since the incident, Hammer took a fall from stardom, to the point where he had to play a villain while a new star, Will Powers, gained the stardom that Hammer once had. Unwilling to go through all this, he decided to end it all by killing Vasquez.

On a very windy October day, Powers sprained his left ankle during practice and broke the spear prop. Powers decided to take a lunch break but not before Hammer drugged his lunch with sleeping pills. After finishing his meal, Powers took a nap. Hammer then stole the Steel Samurai costume and duct taped the spear and headed past Wendy Oldbag and the camera while emulating Powers' sprained ankle. He wanted to frame Powers out of shear jealousy for Powers' fame.

He goes to Studio Two, where Vasquez and the director Sal Manella were just starting to have a lunch break. Hammer tried to use the spear against her but before he could do so, Vasquez pushed Hammer into the spiky garden gate, impaling him to death as Hammer did with the co-worker five years ago. Ironic, isn't it?!

Vasquez then called up Manella to cover up the crime. They took Hammer's body out of the Steel Samurai costume, burned the bloodied Samurai costume in the incinerator, had Manella drive the body to Studio One using a van, (The normal way was blocked by weather debris), dressed the body in the Evil Magistrate costume and put the samurai spear next to the body to frame Powers.

    Turnabout Goodbyes 

One foggy night, two men are on a boat reminiscing about their older days. One man mentions his suffering and that he can't take it anymore. A gun is brought out and a shot is heard. A man falls in the lake. Miles Edgeworth looks in shock as he holds the gun in his hand.

Day 1 - Investigation

On the news, Phoenix and Maya hear about a sea monster that has appeared at Gourd Lake, a lake known for the gourds that grew in the days of old. They also learn that a murder has occurred there, with Miles Edgeworth as the accused! Shocked by the news, they go to the Detention Center to learn more. Edgeworth refuses Phoenix's help but Phoenix isn't letting him go. At the crime scene, Gumshoe is enraged about Edgeworth's predicament. He doesn't know a lot except that a camper caught a photo of the crime scene.

As they explore Gourd Lake, Maya takes a party popper and uses it on a sound powered camera, using up an entire reel. A woman with a heavy southern accent named Lotta Hart comes and berates the two. Lotta claims she is here to watch a meteor shower. Lotta says that her camera caught the murder in the act when the gunfire triggered the camera. Meeting up with Gumshoe again, he gives Phoenix a photo of the victim, who looks familiar to Maya. Gumshoe also mentions that Lotta plans to enlarge her photograph of the crime scene.

The duo run into Larry Butz, the accused from the first case. Maya learns that Larry, Phoenix, and Edgeworth went to grade school together. Strange. They also learn more about Gourdy, a sea monster that appeared after a popping sound.

Back at the office, Maya remembers the victim's face. He used to work with Mia. They ask Grossberg about this and they learn that this man's name is Robert Hammond. He was the defense for The DL-6 Incident. (The one with the spirit medium attempt) The medium was named Misty Fey. The victim of the case was Gregory Edgeworth, Miles Edgeworth's father. They ask Edgeworth about this and he says he was a witness in that case. He never wanted to revisit the case but now he is accused in a case related to that case. He asks Phoenix to defend him, which he happily accepts.

Suddenly an earthquake hits. The next thing they know Edgeworth is all curled up in a corner. He seems to be afraid of earthquakes. Which is weird for Phoenix, as Edgeworth never had that as a kid.

Day 2 - Trial

Phoenix and Maya learn that they are going against Edgeworth's mentor; prosecutor legend Manfred von Karma, a fancy-dressing scary-sounding German who has been a prosecutor for 40 years. He has also never lost a case. And he would do whatever it takes to keep his record clean, and Edgeworth does mean everything. Just think of Edgeworth ten-fold. What's worse is that Maya is too weak to contact Mia because she didn't train for the past couple of months. Edgeworth admits that he didn't fire the gun at the victim.

Right off the bat, von Karma makes things incredibly difficult for Phoenix, from the fingerprints of Edgeworth's right hand on the gun, to expecting the judge to be just there to deliver the Guilty verdict. It's as if he is the one running the court. Lotta is called up. She mentions that there were two men on the boat. Lotta is being very vague throughout her cross-examination and von Karma is stopping Phoenix from pressing any issues further. It seems he is hiding something. It seems that Lotta is about to leave, but after being pushed by Maya, Lotta claims that she did see Edgeworth shoot the gun. Maya's outburst earns her contempt of court under von Karma's call. After more testimonies, she finally admits that she wasn't paying attention to the boat after the bang, as she wanted to see Gourdy rise up from the lake. This lessens her worth as a decisive witness. Eventually, much to von Karma's chagrin, she shows an enlarged photograph of the "crime" taking place. Here, Phoenix sees a major flaw. It turns out that the shoooter was firing the gun with his left hand, while fingerprints show Edgeworth's right. She didn't show it in the first place because von Karma wanted her to shut up about it.

The man who fired the gun was actually the victim himself, not Edgeworth. The victim couldn't have committed suicide as the autopsy shows that the gunshot was fired from just too far away. This needs more investigating.

And so, the Judge adjourns court without declaring any verdict. Edgeworth wants Phoenix to tell Maya to watch herself next time, but it seems clear that he wanted to say something different.

Day 2 - Investigation

Maya was taken to the Detention Center for being found in contempt of the court, so Phoenix goes to pick her up. Unfortunately, she can't channel Mia, because of her slacking in training recently. Even more unfortunately, Phoenix needs to scrape together some bail money for her. When Phoenix meets Gumshoe by Gourd Lake though, the detective says that Edgeworth already paid Maya's bail in full, as thanks for her sticking up for him in court.

With Maya now in tow, Phoenix continues to search Gourd Lake for clues. Lotta Hart shows up again and promises to make up for her irresponsible behavior by giving some valuable evidence... in exchange for proof Gourdy does or doesn't exist. Gumshoe "helps" by giving Phoenix his pick of three things to help on his investigation. Using the metal detector, Phoenix finds an air tank which naturally belongs to Larry. Larry explains how the tank flew off several days ago and he only managed to find it on Christmas Eve. The picture of Gourdy was actually the tank falling into the lake, meaning the whole thing was Larry's doing (when something smells, and all that). Phoenix tells this all to Lotta, who's disappointed but keeps her word. She tells Phoenix that the second witness is the man who runs the nearby boat rental shop. She also gives Phoenix the second picture her camera took, even though it's only of an empty lake.

Phoenix and Maya meet with the boat rental man, who seems under the impression that the two are his children, Keith and Meg, and that they've come to inherit his pasta shop. Seeing Phoenix's attorney badge is enough to briefly get him to realize the two aren't his kids, and to get him to explain how he saw the events of the murder. He also tells how he has his parrot, Polly, remember all of his valuable information, including the combination of his safe. As Phoenix and Maya leave, Maya asks Polly if they've forgotten anything. Polly replies with "Don't forget DL-6", much to their shock.

Phoenix decides that they need more information on the DL-6 incident, so he takes Maya to the police station for more leads. After proving to Gumshoe that DL-6 is relevant to the case, Phoenix gets permission to examine the Records Room. Inside, they read the DL-6 file and learn that the incident took place fifteen years ago, when an earthquake destroyed half of the courthouse and caused Miles Edgeworth (then a child), his father, Gregory Edgeworth, and a bailiff named Yanni Yogi to be trapped in an elevator for five hours. When they were rescued, Miles and Yanni were unconscious from lack of oxygen and Gregory had been shot through the heart. It couldn't have been suicide and the murder weapon was a pistol found in the elevator, which had been fired twice. The suspect who Misty Fey named was Yanni Yogi, however Yanni got off thanks to the defense of Robert Hammond, who argued that his client suffered brain damage and thus could not be held accountable for his actions. Interesting.

The file says that Yanni Yogi disappeared shortly after he was declared Not Guilty. Where could he possibly be? Phoenix suspects that it's closer than they think.

Day 3 - Trial

Von Karma kicks off the trial by predicting the proceedings will only last for three minutes. He then calls the caretaker to the stand. When Phoenix protests that the caretaker isn't giving his name, von Karma explains that the caretaker is unable to recall events from his long-term memory. He assures the court that the witness recalls events from three days ago just fine, so on that reassuring note, the caretaker begins his testimony.

Phoenix presses the caretaker on what he saw that night. The caretaker insists that he heard Edgeworth say "I can't believe he's dead", even though yesterday, he told Phoenix he couldn't remember what Edgeworth allegedly said. The Judge seems swayed, especially with von Karma explaining the fingerprint issue with saying that Edgeworth simply wiped off the gun after shooting. Phoenix has no evidence to support Edgeworth, so the Judge declares him Guilty. It looks like all is lost...

When there's a cry of "Wait!", and a surprise witness takes the stand. It's... Larry Butz! Who's less than optimal, as far as witnesses go, but claims he remembered more things about the night of the murder. With no other options, Phoenix cross-examines him. Edgeworth encourages Phoenix to take advantage of the opportunity, since this is the first time ever that von Karma has not had a chance to prep a witness.

Larry's testimony is incredibly vague, but Phoenix is still able to find a contradiction - Larry only claims to have heard one gunshot, while both Lotta Hart and the caretaker testified to hearing two. Larry admits that he might have missed the other gunshot, because he was listening to the radio and his headphones were blocking most other sounds. Oh dear. Larry testifies about his radio, stating that he can remember the words the DJ said as the gunshot went off. Thus, Phoenix argues, it's proven that Larry didn't mistake the gunshot for some sort of instrument. Upon being pressed, Larry recalls that the DJ said it was "almost Christmas".

Phoenix realizes that there were actually three gunshots fired that night, two after midnight (which Lotta and the caretaker heard) and one before midnight (which Larry heard). As proof, he submits the photograph Lotta gave him. It doesn't matter that it's empty, it matters that it exists at all. The camera wouldn't have taken one without some loud noise to trigger it!

Von Karma demands that Phoenix explains everything. After thinking things out, Phoenix finally realizes that the gunshot Larry heard was the murderer killing Robert Hammond. From there, the murderer disguised himself as Hammond and got in the boat with Edgeworth, before firing twice into the water (one to get the attention of potential witnesses and another to stage the "murder"), before falling out of the boat. When the Judge asks for the name of the murderer, however, Phoenix cannot give it. Not because he has no leads, but because the suspect hadn't given it! Yes, he believes the caretaker is the murderer!

The Judge calls for the caretaker to be brought in for more questioning, but he's disappeared! Oh no! The Judge declares that the trial be extended another day, until the caretaker can be found. Phoenix and Maya are relieved, but Edgeworth is still anxious. He alludes to feeling guilty over a crime he committed.

Day 3 - Investigation

Phoenix finally tells Maya why he trusts Larry and Edgeworth so much - when they were children, he was put on trial by his class for stealing another student's lunch money. Everyone thought he did it, but those two defended him. Neither Larry nor Edgeworth seem to remember the incident, but Phoenix still wants to pay them back.

Phoenix and Maya go to investigate the caretaker's shack, only to find it abandoned (except, of course, for Polly). They search the safe and find a letter... about getting revenge on Miles Edgeworth! The letter details everything uncovered in court! When it's shown to Edgeworth though, he isn't sure who wants revenge on him. Since the letter says the plan is for getting revenge on the "two men" who ruined the receiver's life (Hammond and Edgeworth) and mentions the statute of limitations being almost up for the DL-6 incident, Edgeworth figures it's most likely that the caretaker is Yanni Yogi, the suspect for that case.

That leaves the question of why Yogi wants revenge, since Edgeworth explains that Yogi was declared Not Guilty. However Edgeworth also brings up a nightmare he's had every night, since the incident. In it, he relives the time trapped in that elevator. Seeing Yogi attack his father, he throws the gun to stop the assault. Just before he hears the gun go off. Edgeworth worries that his nightmare isn't actually a nightmare, but that he really did cause the gun to go off. If that's the case, it's very likely that Edgeworth shot his own father, and that Yogi hates Edgeworth for getting away while he was put on trial wrongly.

Phoenix and Maya visit Grossberg for more information on the DL-6 Incident. Grossberg explains how Gregory Edgeworth, on the day of his death, had gone against von Karma in court and tried to expose his underhanded prosecution tactics. Grossberg also tells how Misty Fey channeled Gregory's spirit to see if he knew the name of the killer, leading to him accusing Yanni Yogi. Since Yogi was found innocent, Grossberg wonders if Gregory lied to protect his son. When Phoenix brings up the letter about revenge on Edgeworth and Hammond, Grossberg tells how Hammond was a great defense attorney, but only won for his own sake and not for that of his client. When asked about von Karma, Grossberg tells how Gregory got von Karma a penalty for faulty evidence, which was the only penalty ever on von Karma's trial record. This shook von Karma so much that he took the only vacation he ever took, after that trial. It's possible von Karma is getting revenge on Gregory via Miles Edgeworth, and will bring up the DL-6 incident to get Edgeworth declared guilty for it. Since Grossberg recognizes the revenge letter as being in von Karma's handwriting, this is looking incredibly likely.

Needing more information on DL-6, Phoenix and Maya go to the Records Room, only to find von Karma got there before them and cleaned out all information on that case. Uh oh! Clutching the Idiot Ball, Phoenix shows von Karma the letter about revenge. Von Karma thanks him for returning it. Phoenix refuses to hand it over and finds himself at the business end of von Karma's stun gun, in spite of Maya's efforts to defend him. When the pair come to, von Karma has stolen the letter and all of the DL-6 evidence, save for a bullet that Maya managed to get off of von Karma before he fried her. It's none other than the bullet removed from Gregory's heart! This will be added to the evidence list, as Phoenix and Maya brace themselves for the upcoming trial.

Final Day - Trial

Phoenix and Maya are told that the caretaker has been found, who claims not to remember anything that happened, but Phoenix doesn't buy it. He is determined to put this façade to an end and find the truth.

Phoenix accuses the caretaker of being Yanni Yogi and wants fingerprints for proof. However, his fingerprints were burned off in a chemical plant accident. Well, shoot, there goes that plan. Von Karma mocks Phoenix, saying he would have to cross-examine the caretaker's parrot to get anything.

And that's exactly what Phoenix does, the bird's name is Polly, who apparently was named after Yanni's fiancee, who committed suicide after the DL-6 Incident took place. The bird also reveals the safe number, "1228", which is the date DL-6 took place in (December 28th). Those are very suspicious coincidences. The caretaker is called up again. The old man decides to make his next move by...

...breaking character and confessing to the crime. He puts on a more serious tone and not only confirms that he really is Yanni Yogi, but that he did shoot Hammond. He killed Hammond out of revenge. As for Edgeworth, he leaves Edgeworth to give details for.

And so Edgeworth is called up and the Judge declares him "Not Guilty". It looks like all is well...

And then Edgeworth objects, saying that Yogi didn't give any details on why he wanted revenge and wants to be tried for the murder 15 years ago. Von Karma agrees to try Edgeworth before the statute of limitations runs out. It seems he'll want his last laugh after Phoenix shattered his so-called "perfect" record.

After recess, Edgeworth is called up. He testifies that while Yogi and his father were fighting, something heavy fell on his feet. He threw the object at the two fighting before collapsing. He heard a gunshot and a chilling scream before losing consciousness.

There is something strange about it though. The murder weapon was fired twice that day. One of the bullets may have been fired through the window, which was damaged sometime after the earthquake. However, von Karma points out that the other bullet was never found. Phoenix runs out of ideas again. And what's worse, Edgeworth confesses that he had accidentally shot his own father. It looks like all is lost after all...

And then Phoenix suddenly hears Mia's voice... in his head. It tells him that the bullet wasn't found because the killer had to take it with them and encourages him to think of something crazy. Phoenix brings it up to the court. He theorizes that the bullet was never found because the bullet was inside the real murderer. When Edgeworth threw the gun, the gun discharged, but it didn't hit his father. Instead it went through the window and struck someone else, who just happened to be walking by.

Which brings us to our gray-haired prosecutor, who just happened to be taking a vacation after the incident took place due to the shock from the blow on his record. But what if it was for another reason? What if it was due to an injury? When given the chance, Phoenix accuses von Karma as the real killer, as he took a vacation to recover from a bullet wound he received during his stay in America. Using the metal detector he received from Gumshoe, Phoenix finds a metal object lodged inside of one of von Karma's shoulders. A desperate von Karma denies the claim. Phoenix even shows the bullet Maya took from von Karma. He wants to test both bullets and confirm if they are fired from the same gun that killed Gregory.

Knowing he is screwed, von Karma lets out a raging roar. Edgeworth recognizes that roar is similar to the one he heard in the elevator. Von Karma admits that he fired the gun at Gregory out of revenge for putting an irremovable stain on his court record.

With this out of the bag the Judge declares Edgeworth "Not Guilty". Now all is well.

After the trial, Edgeworth thanks Phoenix for helping him out. Larry comes in and confesses that he was the one that stole Edgeworth's money at school. This leads to some bickering between the three before Gumshoe offers to take them out to dinner. Lotta comes in and takes a picture.

The next morning, Phoenix gets a letter from Maya, who says that she was worthless throughout the whole case and wants to move back to the village. Phoenix goes to the train station and convinces Maya that she was in fact helpful. If she hadn't taken the bullet from von Karma when he tased them, everything would have been lost.

Prepped, Maya promises to return to Phoenix with recharged power and be a more useful companion then.

And so ends our story... or at least in the GBA version.

The truth

Fifteen years ago, Gregory Edgeworth lost a case to Manfred von Karma, however was able to have von Karma penalized for a flaw in his evidence. This was the only penalty on von Karma's otherwise perfect trial record, leaving the prosecutor furious.

After the trial, Gregory, Miles, and Yanni Yogi were in a courtroom elevator, where they were trapped because of an earthquake. Panicked and nearly unconscious from oxygen deprivation, Yanni Yogi attacked Gregory. Trying to save his father, Miles threw a dropped gun at Yogi. The gun went off just as everyone in the elevator passed out.

Outside of the elevator, von Karma was stewing over his recent penalty. He walked to a nearby elevator. That was when he heard a loud pop. The bullet went through the elevator window and hit him in the shoulder, driving him even more crazy with anger and now in massive pain. At this point the electricity came back on, so he was able to enter the elevator before the three men woke up. Using the gun he found inside, he shot Gregory for revenge. Because none of the three people there knew von Karma was present, Yogi was left as the most likely suspect. He was named the killer by Gregory Edgeworth, who was channeled by Misty Fey, however Gregory himself hadn't seen the shooter since he was unconscious when von Karma showed up. He possibly lied to keep Miles from being accused. Yogi was assigned Robert Hammond as a defense attorney, and Hammond instructed him to pretend to have brain damage from the incident. While it was enough to get Yogi declared Not Guilty, his life was ruined as a result. The entire case became known as the DL-6 Incident. Meanwhile, von Karma took Miles in and raised him to be a ruthless prosecutor, all while letting him believe that he killed his father Gregory.

Three days before the statute of limitations ran out on the DL-6 Incident, von Karma sent Yanni Yogi instructions on how to get revenge for destroying his life. Yogi would invite Hammond to his boat stand shortly before midnight on Christmas Eve, where he would kill him and then disguise himself as the defense attorney. He would then meet with Edgeworth on a boat on Gourd Lake, where he would fire two shots into the water, one to create a witness, the other to fake a murder in front of said witness. That witness would be Lotta Hart, who was actually there to see Gourdy. The gunshots triggered Lotta Hart's camera to take pictures of the incident, but also unexpectedly picked up and took a picture for the gunshot that killed Hammond. From there, Yogi returned to his previous role as the insane boat rental man, where he would pretend to have witnessed the entire thing.

    Rise from the Ashes 

Day 1 - Investigation

2 months after the adventure in Gourd Lake, an adolescent girl in a lab coat named Ema barges into Phoenix's office looking for Mia Fey... Even though Mia died several months ago (Looks like she doesn't get out much). Anyways she wants someone to help her sister out of a murder case. Phoenix initially wants to turn her case down (as he had done so in the past two months), but takes it after hearing "sister". Ema Skye, a junior high school student who has an obsession with scientific forensics, says her sister, Lana Skye, is acting very dark recently.

At the detention center, Phoenix meets a very difficult Lana Skye, who is the Chief Prosecutor in the district. The crime happened in the parking garage under the Prosecutor's Office Building around 5:15PM and there is a witness who saw it happen. Lana actually confesses to the crime and recommends that he doesn't take her case. She changes her mind when Ema scolds her for abandoning her sister. The way Lana was acting in the center scares Ema, as she knows that Lana was never like this until recent years. She used to be a very nice woman.

Phoenix and Ema investigate the garage and meet a sheriff in a wild west getup who tells them not to touch the car. They decide to check on a wallet and with Ema's scientific method (as in showing off the DS's touching and three-dimensional capabilities), check the wallet's ID. Bruce Goodman, complete with an ID number. They then meet Angel Starr, a lunch-selling woman wearing a rich dress, who explains that she saw Lana stab Goodman in cold blood. Yesterday, the offices held a "King of Prosecutors" ceremony, and the car the body was found in belonged to the winner of that award. Also, Angel hates prosecutors. What's her beef?

Phoenix and Ema head into one of the prosecutor's offices, which happens to belong to Edgeworth, who says he was the winner of the "King of Prosecutors", which he detests due to the rumors that he cheats to keep his record up. Also the car and the knife used to stab Goodman belong to him. And now he has to prove his own superior's guilt. Officer Mike Meekins comes in to alert Edgeworth with some evidence in a case. Though it doesn't concern Lana so he is put off. Edgeworth tells Phoenix to search the Police Department, where Meekins works at.

They arrive at the department in half an hour and run into a blue dancing machine called the Blue Badger, the mascot of the Department. They also run into Gumshoe, who tells the two not to take Lana's case. Phoenix presents the wallet, and is told that Goodman was the victim. Gumshoe wasn't allowed in the records room, but he does give Phoenix and Ema permission to examine the car.

And so they do. Marshall tells Phoenix that Lana and Goodman once worked on a case together. Phoenix and Ema find Lana's phone. Lana tried to call someone. In Edgeworth's trunk, they find a note that reads "6-7S 12/2".

Ema says that Lana tried to call her, but hung up as soon as she answered. Could Lana be hiding something?

Day 2 - Trial Former

The first witness is Angel Starr, of all people. Apparently she was once a homicide detective who was very good (she was called "The Cough-Up Queen" for her ability to wring confessions out of suspects), but lost her job two years ago. As it turns out, she hates prosecutors because they were the reason she was fired from her dream job. Go figure.

Angel gives her testimony, which explains the crime scene and what she saw: the parking lot is divided into two parts, by a chain link fence. One side - the A block - is reserved for prosecutors and the other - the B block - is for visitors. From the B block, where Angel had parked to go visit her boyfriend in the security guard room, she saw Lana holding a knife and stabbing Goodman. But because the fence was blocking her about thirty feet away, her testimony is thrown into question. Actually not really. Apparently Angel had the presence of mind to snap a picture of Lana, splattered in blood and standing next to the car Goodman's body was found in.

Phoenix argues this - the photograph doesn't show Lana holding a knife. Edgeworth and Angel argue that the picture was actually taken a little after the crime actually occurred. Angel points out that Lana's wearing rubber gloves, proving that the crime must have been premeditated. The only problem with this, as Phoenix points out, is that Lana used a knife found in Edgeworth's car. Basically, Angel is arguing that Lana decided to commit premeditated murder without actually bringing a murder weapon.

But Angel is having none of this, and insists that she saw Lana stabbing Goodman multiple times. Presenting a trusty copy of the autopsy report proves that Goodman was killed after only one stabbing, though. Backpedaling, Angel blames her confusion on a red muffler Lana had been wearing...a muffler that wasn't around her neck in the picture just provided. While Angel insists that she saw something red, the Judge orders her to testify again.

This time, Angel tells how she captured Lana. It seems Lana ducked behind a partition as Angel went after her. When caught, Lana knocked over an oil drum of water and said something about a muffler, which Angel blames her confusion on. It seems Lana tried to call someone on her emergency phone, but then had to use her cell phone when it didn't work. Whoever she called, she said the word "Muffler" to. But how could Angel have seen all of this from the B block? The partition would have been in the way! The only explanation is that she's lying about where she saw the crime from.

The only possible place Angel could have been for her testimony to make sense was the Security Room, overlooking the parking garage. While it's also about thirty feet from the crime scene, it changes the time Angel would have taken to reach Lana. The door leading to the A block was locked, forcing Angel to take a five-minute detour to the B block and then over the fence. Thus, there was a five-minute period that is unaccounted for.

This is the final straw for the Judge, but Angel insists on testifying once more. She claims to have decisive evidence, namely one of Goodman's shoes, stained with the blood of both himself and Lana. She kept this to herself until now, because she didn't trust Edgeworth with it. Edgeworth is none to happy about this and says that the evidence is not usable. Under the first rule of evidence law, no evidence may be submitted in court if it was not approved of by the Police Department. It doesn't matter though, as Angel got the Police Department's permission without Edgeworth's knowledge.

Examining the picture of the crime scene proves that there are no footprints...but the shoe has blood on the sole. Edgeworth accounts for this by reminding Phoenix about the oil drum of water Lana spilled. Clearly it was to wash away bloody footprints, and thus proves her guilt. The Judge is about ready to declare a verdict, and things don't look great for Lana.

The trial is unexpectedly saved when Ema wonders if Angel is lying, as she's on the prosecutor's side. Angel does not take kindly to being associated with prosecutors or of lying, and proves her story by presenting a second picture. This one shows Goodman's body in the car, with the ground wet and the shoe undoubtedly belonging to the victim.

Things are really looking bleak for Lana now. However, upon closer examination of the photograph, Phoenix notices Lana's scarf shoved in the muffler of the car. He reminds the Judge of how Lana said that word before being arrested. Could this be important evidence? The Judge agrees and gives a half hour recess to figure it out (and to get lunch).

Day 2 - Trial Latter

During recess, Marshall confirms to Phoenix that Lana was wearing a scarf that day. Back in court, who should come to the stand but none other than the swimming obsessed, organ playing, Chief-of-Police himself, Damon Gant. Gant offers a broken switchblade knife, with a tags that says "SL-9". Edgeworth is angry, as the investigators never found such evidence, though Gant reminds him that it was his responsibility to lead the investigation.

Gant testifies about the chaos going on between the Police Department and the Prosecutor's Office. Apparently, there was a murder there as well, and what's more, it happened at the exact same time as the one in the garage. The examination that follows brings a strange revelation: that the other murder took place in the evidence room, where the victim tried to steal the knife. It turns out that both murders are connected to the "SL-9 incident". and what's more is that the victims are the exact same person!

So why didn't they tell anyone? In fact they tried to tell someone, but a certain red-coated prosecutor just happened to blow him off without bothering to hear him out. And so now thanks to him, both factions are in a bit of a rift.

After apologizing to everyone for any inconveniences he has caused, Edgeworth calls for another day of investigation so they can prepare themselves more properly. Not exactly the best day, but hey, one more day for Lana!

Day 2 - Investigation

Phoenix and Ema start off the investigation by heading off into the underground parking lot. They find some bloodprints using Ema's Luminol spray. This reveals a lot less blood than they were expecting. A fight to the death should bring out much more blood. This is when Angel comes in. Angel concedes that she did tell a fib or two to make her story more convincing. However, she is certain in the fact that she saw Lana stab Goodman.

A talk with Angel reveals that she herself used to work as a detective. She was fired because of the case known as the "SL-9 Incident", which was led by Goodman. In this case, they had much trouble trying to convict a criminal. And then suddenly, the higher-ups came up with their own evidence and got the guy behind bars. However, after the case, some detectives were demoted and others were laid-off. Angel and others thought their victory may had been due to some sort of conspiracy and they continued working on the case in secret. They suspect Lana to be into this conspiracy. Angel sells her lunches so that her "boyfriends" can help her contribute. She gives Phoenix a delivery job since he is serious to get behind the case.

They head into the police department to check on the other crime scene, but they can't get go in without permission. So under Gumshoe's recommendations, they head to the Detention Center to talk to the suspect of the Department case, Officer Mike Meekins, the same officer who tried to talk to Edgeworth yesterday about said crime. He says that he went into the evidence room to encounter a man who was equipped with a knife. Apparently, Goodman and Meekins had a bad fight and the whole thing was caught on camera. Meekins wasn't all that helpful however, as he couldn't recall anything from that moment. He didn't even know who Goodman looked like so he asked for his ID. This does tells us however that Goodman was indeed in the evidence room that day.

Phoenix and Ema meet Gant, who tells them that Edgeworth was taken in for questioning for his mishap. He also tells Phoenix that he can't give any details about the two crimes with the same victim, though he has a hard time keeping his mouth shut. He does however, give a half-complete list of the evidence from the SL-9 case and permission to go to the crime scene.

The duo run into Marshall on the way to the evidence room, in a room full of wild west properties. He reveals that he is also investigating the case from two years ago, even though the case was forever closed two days ago, the day of the current murder. Marshall helps Phoenix and Ema open up the door with his ID card. He also has a grudge against the new technology in the locker room. Marshall provides the list of ID cards used before the crime happened. One of the cards used was Goodman's, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. When Meekins asked for an ID, why didn't Goodman just show his ID instead of attacking the police officer?

Inside the Evidence room, they meet Gumshoe, who reveals that Edgeworth was a prosecutor for "SL-9". It was his first big case. His accused was a serial killer and he gave him what for. However, there were some loose ends hanging about and so started the rumors surrounding Edgeworth's forgery. Also, one of the ID cards used on the lock was Edgeworth's. After talking, they look around the place. They find out that Goodman was taking the severed knife. A cloth on a recently opened locker, and a glove, which is another piece of "SL-9". They then find some shattered metal. After putting the pieces together, it turns out to be a vase with blood stains on it. There is still one missing piece which seems to hold the most bloodstains. After some Luminol testing, they find more blood around the crime scene. It looks like something DID happen here.

They head to Edgeworth's office and talk to Edgeworth, whose mistake is labelled a simple communication error. He went to the evidence room under Gant's order to conceal some evidence for a dead case. Said evidence is a screwdriver. As for the rumors, he claims to not have done anything to the evidence. Edgeworth gives Ema aluminum power for some fingerprints.

They use the powder to examine the fingerprint on Gumshoe's locker. It's owner seems to be... Jake Marshall!?

Day 3 - Trial Former

In the defendant's lobby, Lana tells Phoenix that the police are very clueless about what's going on, even she herself is confused.

Edgeworth states that it takes half-an-hour to get from the Police Department to the Prosecutor's office. He calls up Mike Meekins to the stand. Meekins confesses into murdering the victim but is demanded that he give more details about the crime. He was assigned to look after the Blue Badger to make sure it wasn't damaged during the transferal. There he was seen and attacked by Goodman. He fought for his life before passing out. Meekins' ID card was used twice on that day. The second time is when Meekins saw Goodman.

But was it really Goodman that Meekins saw? Meekins provided a video tape that caught the scene in action. However, the tape didn't provide anything valuable. It didn't catch much of the fight and they didn't see the man in white clothing's face. However, Meekins insisted that it was Goodman he saw, as he opened a finger-printed powered locker that was supposed to be Goodman's. The videotape however, shows something else. Before Goodman came into the room, the door was already open. And when he opened it, the glove fell out of the compartment. The glove could have been stuck on the door.

Meekins then testifies that he thinks it's still Goodman because his ID card was used. Phoenix then shows Goodman's Lost Items Report. Goodman's ID card was listed among them. This means that someone has stolen Goodman's ID card that day and used it to get inside the Evidence Room. Does that mean that the guy who fought Meekins wasn't Goodman? Edgeworth warns Phoenix that if wasn't Goodman in the evidence room, this would mean that Lana would be the prime suspect again, since Goodman would indeed be at the Parking Lot in 5:15 after all. Phoenix decides to pursue the situation anyway. He calls up Jake Marshall to the stand.

During recess, Lana reveals that Marshall should know something about the case. She seems to know something herself, but still doesn't say anything. Gumshoe comes in to show files from the "Joe Darke Killings" case - at Lana's request, as she was a witness to "SL-9". One of the files is a list of people involved in that case. Among them is... Ema Skye? When Ema herself sees this, she runs off crying, Gumshoe following. Lana wishes Phoenix best of luck.

Day 3 - Trial Latter

In his first testimony, Marshall denies ever being in the evidence room and talks about the two security systems that were protecting the evidence room, the ID reader and the security camera. But wait, wasn't there a third security system? He then mentions that the bloodied stain has no fingerprints because the perpetrator was wearing gloves. So what about the video? How does Phoenix know the guy in white wasn't Goodman? Well after the battle, there was a piece of cloth sticking out of Marshall's locker. Only he could have opened the locker because of the new fingerprint security system. If he tried to use Goodman's locker, he would be denied. For some reason, Marshall, a security guard, didn't know the fingerprint system was installed.

This leaves two questions. Why would the guy in white attack Meekins and what's with the piece of cloth? Well, the guy in white would have to show his ID card. And if he did his cover would be blown. And if one looks closely in the video, they would see Meekin's blood splattered against his white coat. This certainly wouldn't help his alibi so he would have to hide it. And where else would the place to hide it be than the perpetrator's locker. More specifically, Jake Marshall's locker.

Finally Marshall gives in and confesses to his crime. He does say that while there was a fight, no one was mortally wounded. He does however, blame Edgeworth for motivating him, due to his persistence. He didn't want SL-9 to die just yet so he tried to find something that would open the case again. He wasn't authorized to open evidence in the case so he stole and used Goodman's ID to get inside. He managed to open Goodman's locker thanks to the rubber glove conveniently jamming it open only to find the evidence wasn't there. Strangely the detectives don't know where it is. So even if Meekins weren't there, all of the trouble was for nothing anyways

So Marshall stole Goodman's ID, went to the locker room to steal some evidence only to end up assaulting a police officer. But, why? Marshall just couldn't let SL-9 die like it was. He then tells the court some very tragic motives and some details about SL-9. The accused person of the case was a serial killer named Joe Darke. The prosecutor of the case was Marshall's brother Neil Marshall. Neil and Gant were leaders of the investigation. Despite their efforts, they weren't able to find any good evidence against Darke. That is until that one night. Apparently, Darke killed Neil in a fight and the replacement prosecutor, Edgeworth used that evidence to convict Darke. This didn't make any sense to Jake, as his brother would never lose a fight. Especially against a tired old man like Darke. He couldn't just let this whole thing slip by him.

Now that this whole locker room thing finally makes sense. Where does this leave Goodman and Lana? Fortunately, Ema comes back with one more piece of the puzzle just as the judge declares a verdict. She tried to examine the bloody handprint on Gumshoe's locker and... well that's just it. Phoenix then realizes that the Blue Badger was blocking the handprint from view. Did someone try to hide it? Also, the extra ID number "7777777" who does this belong to? Edgeworth couldn't get the ID's identity as it belongs to a higher authority.

Marshall uses the whole Badger/print thing as another example of "forgeries" and "cover-ups" the prosecutor's office practices. Marshall asks Lana if the evidence they used against Darke was legit. Lana's answer:

"We did what we had to… in order to get the verdict he deserved. Even if it involved 'forging' evidence."

The courtroom's response to the answer has outrage written all over it. The judge is forced to call off the court for the day so things can settle.

Day 3 - Investigation

After apologizing for Lana, Ema shares her part of the case. At some point of the investigation, Ema was called up to have dinner with Lana. She went to her sister's office when suddenly, Darke barged in, followed by Neil. Neil fought Darke to protect Ema. At some point during a fight, there was a flash of lightning. Within that flash, Ema saw a man holding up a knife as if to stab his opponent. To Ema, it looked like Darke was about to finish off Neil. She passed out afterwards so she couldn't remember the events after the lightning. She was called up to testify but she was in too much of a shock to say anything. So she drew a picture of the lightning flash that burned in her mind. Was this the evidence used to get the guilty verdict?

The reason Darke went to Lana's office was because Lana was a detective at the time and was promoted to chief prosecutor after the case.

At the Detention Center, Lana shares her side of the story. She and Gant were the ones who lead the detective team through the case. When she went to her office that night, she found Neil's body and Darke and Ema unconscious on the floor. In seems as though Neil had knocked out his killer. Lana woke Ema up and had Darke arrested. Phoenix wasn't convinced that this is what transpired. They end up talking to Marshall again, who is convinced that Gant was the one that falsified the evidence and Lana was acting strange since the case happened.

Phoenix and Ema find their way into Gant's office. There, they run into Gant, who presents a picture of Neil, Lana and himself, with Neil winning the prosecutor's award. He then kicks the duo out of his office, as if to deny any investigating Phoenix and Ema may have done. They decide to get some help from Gumshoe, who gives some details on Darke's murder spree. It turns out he was just an average businessman until he accidentally ran someone over. He killed some witnesses after that before turning himself in. He seemed to have hidden some evidence very well up until his fight with Neil. Also, the switchblade Gant gave yesterday, it was the one Darke used to kill Neil. Gumshoe can't let them in Gant's office for it would get him fired.

So they go to talk to Edgeworth, who seems to be writing something. Edgeworth is quite unforgiving of himself now that the whole forgery stuff is confirmed to be true, and he is officially responsible for it. After giving a tidbit about the prosecutor's trophy, which is a sword and shield before Gant took out the sword part, Edgeworth admits that he is planning on resigning.

Angel is still harping on witnessing Lana's stabbing. She reveals to Phoenix and Ema that Angel and Marshall were relieved of their duties without an explanation. At the same time, Lana was promoted, yet Angel suspects Gant is doing it to take control of her. She suspects that Lana and Gant are in cahoots and something may have happened that made Gant change his demeanor.

Phoenix and Ema show the resignation letter to Gumshoe, which convinces him to let you in the office. There, the three decide to check his safe. They don't know the safe's code so they use the remaining ID number on the ID card list (7777777). And it works! Gumshoe reveals that this is also Gant's ID number. They find a ripped off piece of paper, a piece of cloth with a handprint on it, and the last remaining piece of the jar. It looks like there is blood on the jar, and that the paper is actually the second half of the SL-9 evidence list. It also has a picture that seems to be the one Ema drew, knife and everything. And the handprint, it turns out to be none other than... Ema's!? Phoenix decides to keep the evidence from Ema. Now he knows Gant is hiding something.

And speaking of Gant, guess who comes to see the three spies. Gant kicks out Phoenix and Gumshoe, but keeps Ema in for questioning.

Phoenix talks to Lana one last time. There is no real evidence of Lana actually killing Goodman. Lana confesses that Goodman was already dead. Gant called her so that she could hide the body. When she opened the trunk, Darke's knife was embedded inside Goodman. She switched it with Edgeworth's. She tried to hide the switchblade so that SL-9 wouldn't be opened again. And now it seems it was all in vain. She wants Phoenix to not pursue this any further, but it looks like he has no choice.

Day 4 - Trial Former

Edgeworth tells Phoenix that the reason yesterday's trial ended without a verdict is because there was doubt concerning the unknown ID number (Gant's). If the last ID number comes out, then Lana would be found guilty. Phoenix wants Edgeworth to help him work together.

As the trial begins, Gant announces that Lana would like to speak in court. Lana wants the trial to end and even attempts to fire Phoenix. However, Edgeworth isn't having it. They want to know the truth and to do this they call Ema to the stand. Whatever secret she is hiding will make things worse if she keeps hiding it. Ema testifies that she saw Darke stab Goodman in the chest. She even drew a picture, as they know. Phoenix holds one half of the evidence list, the one with the stabbing. Edgeworth then shows his half of the evidence list. There is also a drawing on it. It looks like... the head of the Blue Badger?

Phoenix then notices something about the drawing. In the drawing, the tip was broken off, yet the autopsy says that Neil was stabbed once. The tip of the knife was found in Neil's body so the knife couldn't have broken beforehand, therefore it shouldn't be broken. Could this be the falsified evidence? If this isn't the knife, then what is? Phoenix presents the photo of Gant, Lana, and Neil. In the picture is a golden knight armor holding a very sharp knife. Edgeworth and Phoenix both conclude that when Neil was chasing Darke, he could have at least had some sort of weapon with him. The Prosecutor's Trophy had a knife with the tip broken off, so it's likely that he used the knife to chase after him. Does that mean it was Neil Ema saw holding up the knife? But he died, didn't he?

Suddenly, Ema remembers that the she was sure that she saw the Blue Badger when the lightning flashed. But the Blue Badger was only designed recently, so what is it? Before they can cross-examine her, Lana desperately tries to stop the court, but is taken away by the bailiff. It turns out that the shadow she saw was actually the jar that crashed on the floor. This changes things about the fight. It turns out that the fight happened on Gant's side of the office, not Lana's since the jar and the armor we're both on Gant's side.

So if the fight took place in Gant's office and it was Neil that Ema pushed then...

It seems that when Ema pushed Neil, one of the places he would stumble towards was... the knife on the armor. In spite of Lana's pleas, Phoenix does show evidence that Ema accidentally killed Neil. He showed that the blood on the jar was spelled Ema.

So the evidence was forged so that Ema wouldn't get convicted. So does that mean that Darke was innocent after all? And Edgeworth used that evidence. The judge calls a recess to calm the court.

Day 4 - Trial Latter

This has been a very dark day indeed. Someone else killed Goodman, Edgeworth had sentenced an innocent man to death, and now Ema is being accused of murder.

Gumshoe comes in and gives Phoenix an Evidence Law book. He thinks it's mighty important.

In the court, Edgeworth has Phoenix call in a witness. Phoenix calls Damon Gant, as he wants to hear what he has to say about all of this.

Initially, Gant denies changing the scene. He is clearly lying, as the list and jar both show but Gant accuses Phoenix of forging evidence. He claims to be clean as rearranging the scene wouldn't be of any use to him. It seems that Gant only wanted to do things his own way. Therefore, he wouldn't help Lana arrange the evidence. If so, then why would he help Lana? Phoenix accuses Gant of blackmailing Lana by using Ema as a hostage. He controlled the whole police station through her.

For example, the evidence room. The ID card list shows that Gant's card was used that day because Goodman wanted someone to accompany him after his ID got stolen. Gant should have been there because if he just gave the card to Goodman, then it would have been found on his body. With this theory, Phoenix accuses Gant of being the real murderer. He managed to move the body by using Edgeworth's car by faking a transferal. This is how Goodman was able to get in the parking garage.

Gant responds to Phoenix's claim by... forfeiting his testimonies. It turns out that since he is the Chief of Police, he has the authority to leave the courthouse whenever he wants.

Well if Gant doesn't want to say anything, then someone else would. Phoenix calls up Lana. Gant warns Lana that helping Phoenix would be very bad for Ema.

Speaking of which, Ema comes back once more. Even though she is still a suspect, she is touched that Lana would go to the trouble to protect her. (Even if it did involve taking someone's life).

Day 4 - Trial Latter #2

Lana insists that she moved the body all by herself. Not only that, but she broke the tip off of Darke's knife and planted it inside the wound. She did it because the shattered jar threatened her plan. Phoenix notices something strange. The jar could have been written before it was smashed, but when Lana got there, the jar was already smashed. Lana tried to wipe the blood off the jar and made sure she wiped every single one the best she could. But what about the one in Gant's safe? It turns out Lana hasn't seen it before. So could this mean Gant put it in his safe before Lana got there? If that's so, then Gant was there and he did forge the evidence.

With this new information Lana's confidence is raised. She is finally willing to tell the truth. She admits that she did find evidence of Ema pushing Neil to his death, and that she did change the scene against Darke. But if the scene against Ema was a fabrication, then Ema could be innocent.

She also took a picture of Neil's body on the knight. The photo was inside the Evidence Lawbook. Upon close examination, a piece of cloth was removed.

Just as cross-examination begins, a desperate Gant interrupts, saying that Phoenix has something that would point out the real killer, but Phoenix says he doesn't have evidence.

After that. Gant decides to come clean. He did forge the scene for Lana and that he did use it to blackmail her. He even hid some evidence from her. Evidence like the Strip of Cloth he knows Phoenix is now holding. Phoenix does show the evidence but spots a contradiction. In the photo, Neil's blood is splattered on his body, even on the place where the missing strip should have been. The strip should have blood on it. The cloth may have been cut off before Neil was impaled. Phoenix concludes that Gant had cut off the piece of cloth before he picked up the unconscious Neil and impaled him on the knight's knife.

Gant uses a last resort by once again accusing Phoenix of bringing up false evidence. However Phoenix counters his argument by saying he is simply following rules. Specifically the following two:

1.No evidence shall be shown without the approval of the Police Department.

2.Unregistered evidence must be relevant to the case in trial.

Since Gant runs the Police Department, technically the evidence was shown the department's approval when Gant admitted that he hid the evidence. The Strip of Cloth was only relevant when Lana's photo was shown.

It looks like Gant isn't talking himself out of this one. He admits into killing both Neil and Goodman. Neil because something had to get Darke the penalty and Goodman because he didn't want the evidence to open again.

It looks like Lana doesn't need to worry about Ema anymore and is declared innocent. However this doesn't mean she goes scot-free. She still helped lie to court in the SL-9 case. But she is happy, because she is no longer under Gant's control. She even smiles to show her new found freedom.

After the trial, Lana apologizes to Ema for being a fool. She only did it all just to protect her. Ema doesn't care, as everything turned out alright in the end. Edgeworth meanwhile realizes that he is no better than Gant and wants to quit his job. Phoenix preps him up a bit by showing him that they found the truth together. It all started with Ema's drawing.

Now that all is said and done, let's all have dinner together. All on Phoenix!

The truth

A businessman by the name of Joe Darke has turned himself in by claiming to have gone on a killing spree. Though it can't be certain without any proof, so a team of detectives were assigned to investigate the crime. The team consisted of Angel Starr, Bruce Goodman, Jake Marshall and his brother Neil Marshall, the latter prosecuting Darke. They were led by soon to be promoted detectives Damon Gant and Lana Skye. Despite their effort they weren't able to find very conclusive evidence and it seemed like their progress had hit a dead end.

That is until that one night when Darke was taken in for questioning. When a storm took out the power, Darke made a run for it, Neil in pursuit. Neil grabbed a knife from a prosecutor's trophy he won the night before and pursued him with it. The chase ended up in Lana and Gant's office, where Lana's younger sister, Ema Skye, was waiting for the former so she could have dinner with her when Darke barged in. Darke was about to make Ema his next victim when Neil caught up with him and they both started to fight on Gant's side of the office. Neil eventually gained the upper hand and held his knife up. Ema could only watch as Darke and Neil struggled in the darkness. A flash of lightning made Ema see one of the men holding up a knife as if he was about to stab his opponent. Ema panicked at the sight and pushed Neil out the way. The battle ended with Neil and Darke knocked out and Ema passed out.

Not long afterwards, Gant came in the room. There, he saw the accused, and two witnesses passed out on the floor. Gant realized that everything was set up just right, an opportunity for power. He developed a plan. If he couldn't find good evidence, he'd make good evidence. He would kill Neil and frame Ema for it. And when Lana sees this he would force her to rearrange the crime scene and make it look like Darke did it. Then after the case he would take the promotion and make Lana a chief prosecutor instead by essentially holding Ema hostage. He would lead prosecutors through Lana while he leads the detectives all by himself.

Gant cut a piece of cloth with the handprint Ema planted on Neil. He then skewered Neil on a nearby knife held by a golden armor, killing him, used the blood from Neil's body to write Ema's name on the jar, smash the jar to pieces. He then took one of the more important pieces and locked it and the cloth in his safe. Now that everything is in place, Gant left the room. Soon Lana came in and as Gant planned, was horrified at the sight and was unwilling to let her younger sister take the blame. With Gant's help, she pulled Darke and Ema's unconscious bodies to the other side of the office, cleaned as much of the blood as she could off the shards, and broke off the tip of Darke's knife and planted it in Neil's wound. Now Darke was sure to get the guilty verdict and Ema would get off scot-free.

Since Neil was the prosecutor, the torch went to Edgeworth. The forged evidence was given to Edgeworth. He did not know it was fake as Gant had the real evidence of the real crime.

Ema was called in to testify. She couldn't speak under the shock of what transpired last night, so she drew the two with one man raising his knife. She also drew the jar she saw being dropped. Gant tore that part from the drawing, as it would be used against him and sealed it with the other evidence. Without the evidence to the contrary, Joe Darke, framed for the murder of Neil Marshall, was found Guilty and was given the capital punishment. The case, now known as the "SL-9 incident", was finally closed.

Fearing that the detectives were getting suspicious, newly promoted Gant gave lay offs to some detectives (like Angel Starr), demoted others (like Jake Marshall), but left the rest be (like Bruce Goodman). Now Gant, with Lana as his pawn with Ema's freedom on the line, has complete authority over both sides of the agency. All is well.

Except Jake Marshall was unsatisfied with the results of "SL-9". He knew something was up since the evidence Edgeworth provided didn't fit what they had. He decided to not let this die and investigate behind Gant's back. Understandable since his own brother had died.

Two years later, everything would come to light once more. That day was the day of evidence transferal, in which the evidence would be taken to the vaults, never to be seen again.

Goodman's ID card was stolen, so he went to Gant to fill in a report. Gant would follow Goodman into the evidence room using his ID card. Goodman suddenly asked Gant to reopen the case from two years ago. He also wanted to give the evidence to Jake. Gant, rather than politely denying Goodman's request, decided it was a better idea to off him entirely. Gant took Darke's broken knife and stabbed Goodman to death. Gant took Goodman's body inside the trunk of Edgeworth's car and gave Edgeworth himself a quick errand which required him to drive to the Prosecutor's Parking Garage. Gant called Lana and told her to head to the garage and dispose of the body. Lastly, Gant took contents out of Goodman's locker, and left with them, leaving the jar pieces and a glove, which would wedge the door open. He smeared some blood on Gumshoe's locker.

Meanwhile, Officer Mike Meekins was assigned to protect the newly designed dancing cardboard Blue Badger. He moved it in the evidence room, unknowingly covering the bloodprint.

Meanwhile, Jake Marshall, who stole Goodman's ID earlier. Today was his last chance to find something that would change SL-9. He took Goodman's hat and coat and went in the evidence room with Goodman's ID. He opened up the locker, only to find nearly all of the evidence gone. He was then encountered by Meekins, who was retrieving the Blue Badger. Meekins asked for the man's ID. Marshall's cover would be blown if he showed Goodman's ID so he attacked Meekins. The battle ended with Meekins knocked out with Marshall the victor. However, Meekins' blood was splattered all over the white coat. He put the coat in his locker and rushed out of the room, avoiding the camera that watched the scene take place.

At around the same time the events at the evidence room transpired, Lana reached the garage and found Goodman's body in Edgeworth's trunk. She saw Darke's knife embedded within Goodman's body and hid it in her scarf. She took out another knife and stabbed Goodman's lifeless body multiple times. Her actions were witnessed by Angel, who had Lana arrested for the murder of Bruce Goodman.

Lana lets herself get taken into custody, as if she was turning herself in as Darke did two years ago. Lana, wanting to get it over with, confessed to her "crime". Things may not end so happily, but hey, at least Ema would be safe from justice.


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