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In a way, I feel sorry for you, Protector! You picked the wrong moment to challenge me! I'm bewildered and I'm mad — and I'm just aching to work off steam! Unfortunately, I'm going to work that steam off on you!

Natalie: [as Harry smashes the telephone] Harry... Harry! It's an inanimate f***ing object!
Harry: YOU'RE an inanimate f***in' object!

Angel: Look, I'm not looking to share my feelings. I'm gonna find the guy who killed Tina, and I'm gonna look him in the eye.
Doyle: And then what?
Angel: And then I'm gonna share my feelings.
Angel, "City Of"

Roy: I think you just made a tactical error there, Nale.
Nale: Oh, really? You think I can't take you?
Roy: Maybe. Maybe not. But I do know one thing: I've been suppressing the urge to beat the crap out of someone who looks EXACTLY like you for a long, long time.
[Nale sports an 'Oh, Crap!' expression before Roy chases him down with an evil grin]


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