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Faustus: How comes it, then, that thou art out of hell?
Mephistopheles: Why, this is hell, nor am I out of it:

Aggression is all demons have known. They are... abandoned children, feral children, grown spiteful with longing for what they cannot possess. They glimpse your world through the cracks. They are summoned and prostituted by gutter mages, amateurs, who know nothing of these iron shores! So you see, contrary to popular literature, it is humanity that corrupted demonkind.
Theodore Wicker, The Secret World

Daemons are beings of pure psychic energy, warped embodiments of emotion given ghastly purpose. They are every mortal nightmare given terrible form, a tide of destruction that has shattered civilizations and annihilated proud armies beyond counting.
Warhammer: Chaos Demons Army Book (7th Edition)

What are we? Your scholars claim we exist only to tempt you, yet in a very real way we are you. We are your own desires, your own fears, your own ambitions and rages, given form (if not flesh). How can you fight us? Only by fighting your own Humanity, and why would you want to do that? You would be fighting against life itself. For what is Chaos but life?
Tzaal, Momentarily lucid Horror, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Old World Bestiary - A Compendium Of Creatures Fair And Foul

The other inhabitants of this place were not dead; however, neither were they alive, in any biological sense of the word. Humanity called them demons without understanding what it had named. There was little that demonkind had in common with the legions of damned souls with whome they shared the infernal marches. However, they were all agreed on one thing. This was as bad as it got. It couldn't get any worse.
The Sandman, Issue #22

Garcia: Demons are not very talkative.
Johnson: What have they to talk about? Once your soul rolls into town, that's it. You're damned, and Fleming doesn't let anybody off the hook.
Garcia: He sounds like a real dick-tator.


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