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Quotes / Loser Friend Puzzles Outsiders

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Icarus: Herc will not stop until (sees Abu)whoa! monkey!
Jafar: This is Hercules' best friend?
Aladdin: The Series / Hercules: The Animated Series, "Hercules and the Arabian Nights."

Blue Falcon: I don't understand. This isn't like my old Dynomutt at all!
Dexter: That's because it isn't.
Blue Falcon: What?
Dexter: Well, the old one was just a goofy, idiot sidekick.
Blue Falcon: He wasn't just a goofy idiot sidekick! He was a...go-go dog person!

Lady De Lardo: We don't want friends like that, do we?
Scrooge: Well, I guess not...

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