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Noteworthy quotes of Doing It Right This Time:

Three months before the Third Angel reached Tokyo-3, Shinji Ikari surprised his uncle one morning by requesting permission to sign up for martial arts classes. Tomoe Ikari thought it over, gave his consent -on the condition that his nephew did not allow his newfound interest in physical fitness to affect his schoolwork- and made inquiries at a respectable local dojo.
Some hours later that same day, Asuka Langley-Soryu walked into an Internet cafe in Berlin, accessed an anonymous remailer service and sent a long and detailed message to Kaji Ryouji telling him several things he wasn't previously aware of. The message contained a time and a place to discuss these revelations further.
Later that evening, Rei Ayanami walked into Commander Ikari's office and slapped him hard enough to knock his glasses off.
Events had ceased to proceed according to the Scenario.

"My first time was at the age of seven," Asuka retorted. "Besides, it's all just point and squirt; you'd expect a boy to be capable of that by his age."
Asuka: Chapter 1 (It's Less Disturbing in Context)

On the plus side, Operation Not Fuck Everything Up This Time was going better than he'd dared hope for so far, not that he could claim much of the credit.
Shinji: Chapter 2

I really have elevated self-sabotage to the level of a fine art, haven't I? she reflected wryly.
Asuka: Chapter 2

Professional male, 48, single parent, WLTM woman 50-35 for casual social dates with a view to LTR. Must not be interested in throwing off the shackles of humanity and ascending to become an immortal godlike space robot.
Gendo decides to get back into the dating scene. Chapter 4


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