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WMG theories for Doing It Right This Time:

Kensuke will still want to be an Eva pilot
And then the next conversation will happen:
Asuka:"Can I kill him, Shinji? Please?"
Shinji(sighing):"No, Asuka..."
Shinji:"... but you can beat some sense into his head."
Asuka(cracking her knuckles and smirking):"Gladly."
Rei(pensively):"Maybe we should get him in an Eva Unit. He can be useful as a meat shield."
Rei(severely):''"You took pictures of our girlfriend without consent and sold them to horny teenagers. Still I am merely letting Asuka pummel you instead of liquefying you. Again. You should be grateful."

Kaworu will get the cast interested in Warhammer 40,000
It is speculated that Kaworu is aware of other alternate realities (and some fans guess he may be a time looper or slider). Surely he will tell them that it is a proven fact that getting exposed to that universe turns Shinji into a badass. He will get them into it... and the next battles will be... interesting:
Shinji(facing an Angel as rotating a spear):Foul xeno, We shall purge you of this world! FOR THE EMPEROR!
Asuka(brandishing a chainaxe):BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! SHINJI FOR US- Oh, forget the last part.
Rei(lifting an Eva-sized machine gun):WAAAGH!

Rei's combat instructor is Sabin Rene Figaro
I do not care that someone else says! It is canon, damn it!

Evidence #1: Rei suplexed an Angel.

Evidence #2: Per Word of God, that move was taken from Final Fantasy VI

Evidence #3: It would be awesome.

Touji, Hikari and Kensuke had devised their own plan to save the world after returning to the past
Asuka(incredulous):"That was your plan? No, seriously, THAT was your plan?"
Touji(defensively):"Hey! I did not say it was a GOOD plan, did I?"
Kensuke(grouchily):"I still say it can work..."
Hikari(shaking her head):"Maybe. But where would we get that much tapioca?"

The Children will make their robots eating the cores of the next Angels they fight
It would be stupid not to. Their giant robots gain a limitless power supply and they deny SEELE the chance to study them and reply them.

Incidentally Rei will beat herself up about not eating Sachiel's when she got the chance.

If they get together before Shamshel attacks, Unit 01 will rip Sachiel's off its corpse and will offer it to Unit 00 as a gift:

Shinji: As a token of my appreciation, Rei-chan.
Rei blushes
Asuka: (pouting) Aww, Do not I have anything?''
Shinji: I'm sorry, Asuka-chan, but Unit 02 is not in Japan yet. But you can get the next one!
Asuka: Nah, it is all right. I think the next Angel will attack before my Unit 02 arrives. Your giant robot mom can get it.

This story is a proof of the existence of The Multiverse
In this story Asuka will hook up with Shinji and Rei.

In another story Asuka became Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, inspired by his wife and their lover.


Marston and his wife lived with another woman in a polyamorous relationship. Their relationship was so enduring that both women remained together after Marston's death until one of them passed away forty years later.

All. Is. Connected.


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