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Funny / Doing It Right This Time

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  • Most conversations between the pilots drip with sarcasm.
  • Rei slapping Gendo and then telling him all his plans would be for nothing.
  • "Maya, do you want to be my torrid lesbian rebound fling?"
    • Shortly after Maya asks: "What the hell just happened?"
  • Shinji defines Instrumentality as "Whatever the hell happened."
  • Touji was one of the returnees. Sakura did not return but she knows about the time-travel because her brother is terrible at thinking before talking when he wakes up.
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  • When Asuka catches Shinji staring at Rei she gets jealous... and then she wonders who she is jealous of:
    Hands off! Asuka screamed internally... then she realised she wasn't sure if she was referring to Rei about Shinji, or to Shinji about Rei.
  • When Asuka's attempt to get Rei looking more normal is apparently hampering her desire to hook up with Shinji, Asuka thinks:
    I really have elevated self-sabotage to the level of a fine art, haven't I?
  • How does Maya decide how to phrase her new relationship with Ritsuko? "Senpai noticed me, nyaa!" While wearing a collar.
  • Shinji always hated the plugsuits, now that he knows what's coming, he thinks he ought to take a stand. His reason? Nobody should have to confront Armageddon in a gimp suit.
  • When Asuka wakes up from the time reboot, she goes into a giddy high and revels in it. Some of the wording makes it seem like she's going to delve into a musical number.
    A desperate, slightly hysterical giggle bubbled out before she could stop it. "It's a do-over," she breathed. "It's a motherfucking do-over!" She fairly bounced out of bed and snatched up her dressing gown. "I'm gonna do it right this time," she muttered, throwing open the curtains. "I'm gonna have the best damn synch score ever now. Well... I can live with tied for first place with Shinji, I guess." She filled her electric kettle from the small wash-basin in one corner of her room. "Heh. I think I'll work on synchronising a little better with him too, after I beat the crap out of his asshole dad... Maybe I can defuse Commander Creepybeard's precious blue-haired tykebomb too? Well, she is kinda the baka's sister, wouldn't hurt to try being nice to her either way. In fact, screw it. If my life's going to turn into the biggest fanfiction cliche ever I'm just gonna roll with it and be the ultimate Mary-Sue, because I have earned some verdammt wish fulfilment in my life... And I really need to raise my blood sugar and blood caffeine levels because that sounded crazy even to myself."
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  • Shinji getting the feeling he is being plotted about, and then deciding not to worry about it.
    Shinji briefly wondered where the sudden feeling of inescapable doom was coming from, before putting it down to his inescapable doom and turning over to go to sleep.
  • Gendo, under stress, beginning to revert to his pre-Yui personality — namely, a troublemaking hard drinker. Upon reading a newspaper article alleging that Gendo instigated a massive brawl at a karaoke barnote , Shinji finds himself actually admiring him.
    Misato: Shinji, have you ever heard of something called a mid-life crisis?
    Shinji: Ffffffff...
    Rei: Either that was a yes, or Shinji has sprung a leak.
    Shinji: Fuck! What gives him the right to make me hate him for so long only to suddenly do something totally awesome? Be consistent, damn you!"
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  • Mari attempting Dynamic Entry against Ramiel, and failing miserably. Even Ramiel has to stop for a moment to figure out what happened. The whole moment comes off almost exactly like a Looney Tunes bit.
    Ritsuko: Did she just try to headbutt the Angel?
    Asuka: She's Scouse, they do that.
    Kasumi (Unit-04): Mari, if we could never do that again, that'd be just fab.