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Quotes / Do with Him as You Will

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Rick: Here’s the deal; I’m not here to judge, I’m just a guy from another planet. But this girl is one of your poor people, and I guess you guys felt like it was okay to subject her to inhuman conditions because there was no chance of it ever hurting you. It’s sort of the socio-political equivalent of, say, a suit of power armor around you. But now things are evened out, so... Arthricia?
Rick and Morty, "Look Who's Purging Now"

Subject Delta, I have known for years of Stanley's betrayal here, and had forgiven him. But in compromising Eleanor now... he seals his fate. You see, it was Stanley who turned you in to Ryan. He is responsible for what you have become. The security booth is open now: you may have your revenge.
Sofia Lamb, Bioshock 2


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