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Love in the Time of Teamwork

"You know…I used to be just like you. I used to think more was better. More Pokémon. More badges. More everything. Then, one day, I got beaten so badly that it almost made me give up. But my Pokémon…they encouraged me to keep going. All those Pokémon that I had sought to get more of, thinking it would make me stronger if I didn't care about them individually but looked at them as a small part of a growing collection…they held their faith in me. I knew I had to change, so I did. I bonded with my Pokémon on an intense personal level and I came to realize that having more means nothing. Like I said, five points is nothing. Because if Ash could beat me by focusing individually on his Pokémon against my practical army, then we can blast ahead of your five points by working together as a team."
Chapter 6: Gary Oak showing his Character Development from the series in an event that puts Team Ketchum on track to win.

"It means remembrance…Remembrance of a dear friend…For me, though…it's always been remembering…Death. I am Zinnia of the Draconid Clan. I am the Z to her A; the Omega to her Alpha. I am the End to her Beginning. You made it through the Tournament, trainers. But now you get to face your final opponents: my team. No…my army."
Chapter 17: Zinnia, during her Establishing Character Moment

"This is our world! Until our bones are broken and the breath leaves our bodies, I'm not giving up on it!"
Chapter 19: Ash and Serena showing themselves as Determinator.

"We're not giving in to despair, Zinnia. We're all working together towards a bright future. That's all we need to do! We're moving toward that bright future together, along with all of our dreams! Because we believe in each other! We'll take every step together and we'll find the road to peace. We don't need your wish or your despair, because we'll never give up! Not as long as we have dreams worth fighting for. Let's gooooooooo!"
Chapter 21: Ash to Zinnia as he defeats her, delivering An Aesop

"I want you to promise me one thing: promise me you won't give into despair. No matter what happens. No matter what pain you face."
Chapter 21: Zinnia to Ash.

"Serena, I don't know about love and all that other stuff, but I know that I love having you by my side. From the time we reunited in Santalune City, you've done nothing but encourage me and drive me forward. I might've given up if not for you, and the same thing happened with Zinnia. I heard you calling for me, and it made me get up again and keep moving forward. So, if wanting to keep you by my side means it's love…then…I love you, too, Serena."
Chapter 22: Ash giving a Love Confession to Serena.


Love in the Time of Turbulence

"Look in the mirror, Seamus! Did you really think you could change? Change…you can't change just because you want to. Change has to be forced. That's the only way it sticks!"
Chapter 10: Dalton to Seamus, regarding his Character Development

"You see, this beautiful thing…she's not my daughter. My daughter, Merle, died three years ago off the coast of Monsu Island in Hoenn."
Chapter 14: Dalton to Ash and Seamus in the story's Wham Line

"And how many more children will die in that time? How many more Merles? I won't abide it. I will bring about change, a delta as it were, for a new world that is better than it was before. And I will not let you stop me, Ash Ketchum, Seamus…not now."
Chapter 15: Dalton to Ash, discussing Dalton's motivations

"Your life was worth saving. That's all that mattered. So, live! Live for all of them who counted your life as worth something. And live for you!"
Chapter 17: Serena, after delivering an Armor-Piercing Slap to Seamus

Love in the Time of Tribulations

"We have a connection, Reeree. No, Serena. Maybe our pasts are different, and maybe we're on opposite sides, but we share a connection: we're Serena. So please, tell me! Let me share your pain…and then you can share my smile."
Chapter 13: Serena to Reeree

"I've made…so many wrong choices…I chose to fight…chose to listen to my father…chose to lose me…because I lost him…But there's nothing left for me there…You said…I could go home…with my head held high, but…I can't. My hands are too sullied. So, I…I wanted to make one right choice…Maybe…maybe then…my life would mean something…I'm…sharing my smile with you…But you know…now that I'm here…I'm scared…I don't want to die. Please, help me to not be scared. Do you…do you think I'll see my Ash again?"
Chapter 16: Reeree's final words upon her Heroic Sacrifice

"You don't need to win every battle. You just need to be Alain, because whatever strength you don't have, I'll make up for it."
"Mairin, that only means you can get hurt…"
"Then I get hurt! Being a Pokémon trainer means facing pain, right? Like Ash, and Serena and Clemont all do. But we're a team! It doesn't matter if we win or lose as long as we do it together. That's our strength."
Chapter 20: Mairin and Alain at the moment of finishing his Character Development

"You're my son! And I love you very much! All those years I wasted chasing after DARC and now…I wish we had more time, but if I can give you more time, then my life will be worth something. Just know that you and your mother…I loved you both very much. Now you need to live. Live with everything you have. Learn more about Pokémon. Make more friends. Have more adventures. Love with everything…and just…Ash, you've become a wonderful Pokémon Master."
Chapter 22: Jack Ketchum's Heroic Sacrifice

"Dad…Dad…you…you can't go…You promised, right? You said…You said that you'd…come by for dinner. I thought…I thought we'd eat dinner together, as a family…just once. And…there's still so much more I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you about Pikachu, all my Pokémon, all my adventures. I wanted to talk to you about Serena…and my friends…and…and…And I wanted to get to know you more…I wanted to learn more about you…I…I…I wanted to know my dad! So, please come back! Please!"
Chapter 23: Ash's grief

Love in the Time of Tropics

"Tell me, Ash, why do you want to be a Pokémon Master? Why did you want to win? Why does it frustrate you to lose?"
Chapter 4: Hala, asking Ash an Armor-Piercing Question

"Go and show me your fury. For danger is soon to come to Alola…and the world!"
Chapter 4: Tapu Koko, after giving Ash a Z-Ring.

"It's a beautiful thing to pursue a road as one, but keep in mind that dreams can be shared, yet they are still our own. So, if you ever find yourself confused, sometimes distance is key. It's amazing how much you can grow from a different perspective."
Chapter 7: Miss Akela to Serena and Ash, serving as both Foreshadowing and a Call-Forward

"How can I take anythin' from a kid who's nothin'?"
Chapter 13: Guzma, asking another Armor-Piercing Question of Ash

"We'll put it all on the line. Every emotion. Every move. We'll…we'll protect everyone. That's what our Z-Moves are for. Not for us…but everyone!"
Chapter 25: Ash's Declaration of Protection upon mastering Z-Moves for the first time

"Who are you?"
Chapter 26: The dream Serena's own Armor-Piercing Question to Ash

Love in the Time of Trials

"One of you is standing on unsteady ground, stuck in a mire, trying to move forward. You try so many different things in the hope it will make you reach that dream you're reaching for, but it simply makes you confused over what your dream means to you instead of what everyone tells you it means. As for the other, your path is perfectly set, walking a straight path with nary a bump, but you've begun questioning the road you took, and how that will affect the road to the future. Can any of you keep your promises…or are your dreams empty?"
Chapter 2: Hapu to Ash and Serena

"I do wonder, if you were faced with someone who had so much pain, could a smile take that all away? And what would you do if it couldn't?"
Chapter 12: Lusamine, with yet another Armor-Piercing Question

"What is a Pokemon Master?"
Chapter 13: Kahili to Ash

"I don't think you love anyone but yourself."
Chapter 19: Serena to Keoni following an Armor-Piercing Slap

"The one that set Lusamine on her path was the Vice President of the League at the time: a man named Michael."
Chapter 26: Wicke reveals the truth in a Wham Line

"My science is ever enduring, and with the power of the Ultra Space, I can create more and more! What are a few scraps of scruples and insecurity to me? If we allow ourselves to be held back by such notions, we cannot progress!"
Chapter 27: Faba, reveling in his moment as a Mad Scientist

"You may be my mother, but I am not your puppet! I am me! You want me to be the daughter you want me to be! But I can't! I can't be the daughter of a murderer! Someone who would hurt my friends!...I love these memories! I love Serena! And I love Ash! I love Komala, Clemont, Bonnie and Hau! I loved traveling with them and being free! Choosing what I wanted to eat! Doing things you never allowed me to do! You can take your world, but I won't let you hurt anyone I care about to do it! Not even Nebby! If you can't accept that…then you're no mother of mine!"
Chapter 28: Lillie to her mother, breaking free.

"One month! We all go our own ways, and meet back here in one month!"
Chapter 29: Ash, setting up the Time Skip between Trials and Tenacity.

Love in the Time of Tenacity

"You can't change anything by going to another world! You're still you! You have to believe in what you can do! Maybe it's not the same as others, and maybe it's just a small piece of something bigger, but it's still something!"
Chapter 9: Clemont's realization given to Plumeria.

"He's right. I am nothing; nothing more than me, just like I've always been. I am me. I'm Ash. And Ash is…Ash. Nothing more, and nothing less. And that's okay. My name is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town! I am a Pokémon Master! I'm a Pokémon Master, because I understand who I am! And…because I can understand…you…So, come at me! I'll understand everything about you and never lose my way! That's my dream and my source of strength! Let's go!"
Chapter 9: Ash's epiphany at the end of his Character Development.

"You're right…I can't make everyone happy, not by becoming queen or the Ali'i ka Leilani, and certainly not you. But then again…I don't need to be a queen. I just need to be me. I'll still aim for that goal, because then, more will see me. More will share that smile. They may not need it. They may not want it. But I promised Reeree, and if one more person can smile who wouldn't have if I hadn't, then it's all worth it! I'm not doing this alone! Not like you who cares for no one but herself! I'm going to make everyone smile by making the person next to me smile, and then they'll share their smile on and on in a chain, until everyone can finally hold on to that shred of hope and happiness."
Chapter 26: The end of Serena's own Character Development as an Armor-Piercing Response to Lusamine.

"Even if you go to some other world, you'll always be nothing, because that's what you've decided to be! You've taken everyone else's opinions of you and made that yourself instead of thinking for yourself! Why do you think I said you'd never win? If you constantly think of yourself in the way that others look at you, you'll never be more than a shadow! You need to free yourself!"
Chapter 26: Ash to Guzma.

"Mother, I love you."
Chapter 29: Lillie to Lusamine.

"Ash, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie! These last few months have some of my most favorite memories ever! I will never forget them! I'll never forget the happiness, the sadness, the pain, the fear…none of it! I'll never forget meeting any of you! You helped me grow so much! Helped me to find who I was, and you all loved me, so, so much! So…Thank you for everything! I love you all!"
Chapter 30: Lillie's farewell.

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