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Love in the Time of Teamwork

  • Conway is still continuing to stalk Dawn...all the way to Kalos.
  • Dawn makes fun of May's relationship with Drew with these funny nuggets:
    May: Yeah, it's kind of obvious.
    Dawn: Like your infatuation with Drew.
  • And later:
    Dawn: Just look at May. Do you think you could find another girl that shovels in as much food as she does?
    May: One more crack, Dawn, and we may be short a team member tomorrow.
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  • Bonnie, Dawn and May spying on Ash and Serena during their "date"
  • Bonnie pushing Clemont's chair aside so that she and Serena could talk.
  • Brock thinking more about the ladies' clothing than about the discomfort the other boys feel in their suits.
  • All of Ash's friends spying on Ash and Serena after their Big Damn Kiss.

Firsts, Fans, and Failures

  • Bonnie. Just, everything Bonnie.
  • Ash not knowing how to describe a date to his Pokemon.
  • The play at the end. Between Noivern ruining the stage, Talonflame cackling, Braixen setting things on fire and Pikachu liberally shocking everyone, it all makes for a hilarious time.

A Starlit Sibling Session About Scientific Sweethearts

  • Bonnie and Clemont coming to a conclusion that Bonnie will always look for a "keeper" no matter what.

Love in the Time of Turbulence

  • Clemont using his Rocket Skates to get to the Tower of Mastery as he screams to Bunnelby.
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  • Seamus' complete amusement and disinterest in Team Rocket's motto.
  • Bonnie laughing and screaming as she plummets down on Tyrantrum while Clemont screams like a little girl.
  • Team Rocket decidedly taking credit for defeating every evil organization in front of Ash.
  • Bonnie having Dedenne use Nuzzle to take out both Theta's Pokemon, and paralyzing Rayquaza of all things. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Bonnie riding Squishy into battle as she beats down Team Neo.
  • Clemont freaking out over his first date with Korrina.

Seconds, Skates, and Science

  • The first line of the fic:
    Ash: A double date? What's that?... Is that like two dates in a row?
  • Clemont and Ash's freaking out over having to plan a double date.
  • Meyer's deadpan delivery at telling Clemont that his mother was a superhero named "Ampharos Hood".
  • Sycamore's awful device on how to take a girl on a date.
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  • Everything Bonnie, once again. From spying to planning the date to forcing Clemont and Korrina to kiss.

Love in the Time of Trbulations

  • Ash and Serena's mothers learn that their children are dating. Cue an instant Oh, Crap! from them.
  • Alain's Charizard dancing at the celebration.

Love in the Time of Tropics

  • Rotom and Bonnie constantly make fun of one another throughout.
  • Any time Team Skull is involved.
    Skull Grunt: We got yous surrounded like...we got yous surrounded!
  • Cleemont fanboying over Faba.

Love in the Time of Trials

  • Bonnie and Rotom playing pranks on Keoni, calling a truce to their efforts.
  • Ash takes place in a Ceremony, including dancing...which he sucks at. Better yet, he's paired with Keoni.
  • Acerola's trial is this in spades. With Serena freaking out and jumping on to Ash, Clemont trying to find a scientific explanation, Bonnie having fun and Lillie rather curious, it's hilarious. Add in Team Rocket, and the funny factor steps up.
  • Jessie, as the group splits apart for a month. Doubles as a Shout-Out.
    Jessie: You need cultured sophisticated and intelligent women to be the face of this group on a
    Meowth: Yer rulin' yerself out, Jess.

Love in the Time of Tenacity

  • The hints of Kahili training Ash by hitting him with a golf club are equal parts hilarious and frightening.
  • Brock's usual antics with Aria. Made funnier by the fact that she seems to reciprocate them.
  • Team Skull rapping.
  • The fact that while everyone's inhibitions are lowered, all Hau does is eat all of his malasadas.
  • Jessie having Braixen set Bewear on fire to deal damage to the Motherbeast is both hilarious and a Moment of Awesome.

Fourths, Films and Forgiveness

  • Ash trying to act during a rainy scene while Serena can't stop laughing.

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