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"Insolent bug! It is you who are a figment of my imagination! You may be nothing more than an undigested bit of concrete, or a piece of bad steel, disturbing my dreams..."
Unnamed mulc spider, Brightness Reef

Bob: If you tell me what you want to dream about I'll know what to make you.
Betty: How's that?
Bob: Different foods make for different dreams. I've got a whole theory about it. It's called "The Wallace Way of Wishful Wooing." You'll find it in the American Medical Journal under 'W'. Ham and Swiss cheese, for instance, you get a cool, thin, blonde girl. Turkey sandwich, you get a dark sort of stumpy girl, sexy though. Now a liverwurst sandwich - (He shakes his head) you get both girls at once. Bad night.
Betty: What do you dream on tuna?
Bob: Darndest thing, I dream about me.
Betty: Then I'll have a tuna sandwich.

"That's it. No more pizza after midnight."
Garfield after waking from a nightmare.

Jason: I can't believe I have to watch A Christmas Carol on TV for school tonight of all lousy nights!
Peter: What's wrong with tonight?
Jason: Mom's making her garlic, green pepper and tofu chili for dinner.
Peter: Ah, the meal of a thousand nightmares.
Jason: I shudder to think what kind of weird dreams I'll be having.

"Fuck me, I gotta stop eating kimchi before bed."
Mackenzie Zales, The Most Popular Girls in School (Episode 45)


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