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"You know I've been in so many dilapidated hospitals in video games that I'm starting to feel at home. It's like 'oh yeah, I've been here before. *sigh* I used to spend my summers at that hospital in Silent Hill. Alma and I would run through the halls, laughing. Laughing and having fun. Hah, those were good times'."

"You are a young lady named Sara who is trapped in an abandoned hospital which is also an abandoned asylum which is also an abandoned prison and has to find a way out"
Zero Punctuation reviewing a rather extreme example of this trope in Day Light

Within days, the hospital, once a place of healing, is a nightmare of mutilated corpses, its halls littered with overturned gurneys and medical waste, and smeared with blood. However, the hospital is still a prime source of much-needed medical supplies, drawing survivors in spite of the dangers.
—"Pandemic - Apocalypse," The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse


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