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John: The hug pile doesn't stop from getting taller.
Rose: ?
John: The hug pile! there are more hugs, rose.
Rose: I can see the hugs. I don't understand the pile thing.
John: Oh. Don't you remember?
John: A funny quote from one of Dave's old comics!
Rose: Ah. Yes, vaguely.
Rose: It's been a long journey, John.
Rose: I believe one of the most valuable lessons that comes with growing up is gaining the wisdom that gently informs you when it's time to retire a meme.

Marge: Let Lisa be alone with her new friends.
Bart: They're my friends rightfully. She only got them by copying me.
Bart: See? That's my expression!
Marge: Oh. You haven't said that in four years. Let Lisa have it.
The Simpsons, "Summer of 4 Ft. 2"


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