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When in danger, when in doubt
Run in circles, scream and shout
Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

When your warp core’s overloading
When your hyperdrive’s exploding
Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

When your crew is just a rabble
Only talking technobabble
When your shields are going down
And your captain is a clown
Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

When your computer’s gone insane
Sticking probes into your brain
When the enemy’s attacking
And your officers are packing
When your raygun’s on the blink
And your hopes are down the sink
When an uninvited guest
Is erupting from your chest.
Abandon ship! Abandon ship!
Star Truck

Vila: There must be something we can do!
Avon: I'll accept suggestions!
Vila: How does "Abandon ship!" grab you?
Tarrant: Well, it's a neat trick if you can do it!
Vila: We can use the teleport!
Avon: He's right.
Dayna: What, at this speed?
Computer: Warning. Hydrazene gas levels at one hundred twelve parts per million. Begin evacuation procedures.
Star Trek: Voyager, "Coda"


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