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What is the frequency...what is the frequency...what is the frequency...WHAT IS THE FREQUENCY!

What's the Frequency? is a psychedelic noir fiction podcast/audio drama written by James Oliva. When radio stations start going missing in 1940s Los Angeles, it's up to private investigator duo Walter "Troubles" Mix and his bodyguard/partner Whitney to find out why. WTF airs monthly.

What's the Frequency contains examples of:

  • Bait-and-Switch: The show starts out tricking the listener into thinking that Walter and Whit are thieves, but it turns out they're actually private investigators helping the good cops find at least one Dirty Cop on the force.
  • Brains and Brawn: Walter is the brains, Whitney is the brawn.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: When asked, Walter gives different answers about the way he and Whit found each other. Maybe her dad was in the war and he promised to take care of her. Maybe she saved him from a mugging. Who knows?
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  • Private Detective: Walter and Whitney.
  • Show Within a Show: Love, Honor, and Decay, a radio show. Clips from the show starring Louise and Donald appear in the beginning of episodes.
  • Strong Girl, Smart Guy: Troubles is the smart private detective. Whit's the Cute Bruiser bodyguard. Together, They Fight Crime! (more like solve it)
  • Waif-Fu: Whitney is said to have a small build, but she can pack a wallop.