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Nightmare Fuel / Zombi 2

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  • The movie contains an excellent and painfully slow scene of a face being pulled toward a very long splinter of wood. Lucio Fulci, the director, was known for including lots of gore in his movies. And doing it well.
  • The moment where a zombie's hand comes out of the ground and grabs Anne's hair.
  • The worm-eyed zombie that appears in the cemetery and kills Susan.
  • The ending, depicting a massive horde of zombies taking over New York, while a reporter covering the issue on the radio is heard being killed by the dead.
  • Just the zombies themselves. Other directors like George Romero and the like include humanistic qualities in their zombies to remind both the characters and the audience that these things used to be people no different from anyone else. Lucio Fulci goes the opposite route and makes no efforts to humanize the reanimated dead. These are pure abominations that barely resemble what they might've been in their past life. Shambling, rotting corpses that move about in a manner suggesting something otherworldly is truly animating them. Perhaps the most terrifying aspect is how ever-present and ever-persistent they are in their pursuit, despite how exceedingly slow they are, giving a sense of dread that suggests they're not fast simply because they don't need to be fast to catch their prey.
    • A YouTube comment explains it as follows:
    "The Zombies for Lucio Fulci are differents. They are not like the others, in others movies. The zombies for Fulci are... cold... expressionless, just the decomposed body that stand up, and begin to walk. Full of worms and decomposition, some with eyes, but expressionless eyes, some without... more like a skull in the face... unique".