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Nightmare Fuel / Wilde Life

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  • The Lightning Children, though small in size and eccentric in speech patterns, are quite vicious as they reduce corpses like the lake beast to nothing but bones in minutes. They also try to lead Oscar somewhere nobody would ever find him, implying they were going to tear him apart as well.
  • Danielle Callahan, the poltergeist of Chapter 3, was just a kid that died and stayed behind at the request of their mother. Over time, she became more violent and uncontrollable (with intense remorse after every fit) until the Callahan parents felt like prisoners in their own house. She tries to force Mrs. Callahan to miscarry multiple times and nearly succeeds in killing Oscar before finally being allowed to pass on to the afterlife.
    • Later on Sylvia also has a small burst of anger and breaks a vase with the same feelings of guilt and remorse afterwards, implying that this is what happens to ghosts over time.
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  • The Rougarou is a ferocious beast that rips apart a few hunters in minutes. If a normal human looks at one, they turn into one. Oscar ends up having to travel through the woods with a Rougarou trying to kill him, and he's forced to have his eyes shut the entire time lest he run the risk of seeing it.
  • The beast in the lake's main predatory tactic is to get people to look into the crystal in its head, which makes them remember depressing points in their life and paralyzes them with grief, usually goading them into letting themselves be eaten.
    • It also is strong enough to ram the cave Oscar and Cliff are hiding in so hard that it runs the risk of collapsing, forcing the two to make a run for it.
    • Cliff saves Oscar from being eaten by the lake beast, and it rams him in the chest straight into the lake. Clifford nearly drowns.
    • The lake snake is later revealed to be an Uktena, born from the bodies of people who let their darker emotions overtake them.
    • Eliza tells Oscar that the beast in the lake could have been a person once, and that most monsters come from animal people.
  • So far in the comic there have been quite a few fellows that have attempted to abduct Cliff and/or use him for their own ends. There's the pack of fellow werewolves (who also attempt to eat Oscar, knowing full well that eating human flesh drives animal people insane) that want Cliff to come with them to Colorado and quickly turn hostile when he refuses, the Witch Zulime (who enchants him into what appears to be a servitude spell within minutes of meeting him) and Raven (who very quickly starts showing manipulative and stalkerish tendencies and tries to persuade Cliff to leave his family and friends behind).
    • Raven in particular attempts to exploit Cliff multiple times; first by getting him inebriated, then continuously stroking Cliff while the latter shouts at him to stop, grabbing Cliff again when he tries to leave due to feeling uncomfortable, then later on stalking Cliff, following him to his house, flying through the window and assuming a female form to try and get Cliff to stay with them. Raven also tries to isolate Cliff from his family and friends and attempts to get Cliff to run away with him. He's not above manipulation either; when Cliff's finally had enough of his touching and turns into wolf form to get him to back down, he turns into a small child as a way to get Cliff to stop, then mocks him for this.
  • During the confrontation in the house, Raven states that he feels itchy behind the eyes and that it feels better when he's near Cliff before doubling over in pain and expelling a fountain of feathers from his back.
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  • The short story before Chapter 9 introduces Raven is supremely ominous. A girl fell in love with a shapeshifting raven, but her family didn't approve of their affair. The raven turned himself into a golden seed which upon consumption turned the girl into a horrific raven-human fusion that seemingly attacked the family that chased after them (while the story narrates that "the world will know of a raven's love"). This doesn't spell good news for Cliff..

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