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Nightmare Fuel / We Need to Talk About Kevin

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  • The Halloween sequence. Don't watch this film if you ever want to enjoy Buddy Holly's "Everyday" again.
  • What Eva discovers after she returns home from the shooting. It's her husband and daughter's arrow-filled corpses.
  • The thought of your child being a cold, uncaring sociopath who willingly shoots up a school and kills your loved ones.
  • From the novel, Kevin blinds his sister in one eye with bleach and encourages a little girl with a skin disorder to scratch herself bloody, then tops it all off by shooting several people to death with a bow and arrows, including both his father and his sister. At the end, as an act of reconciliation, he gives his mother his sister's glass eye.
    • In the case of Celia, the horror is only magnified in that Eva points out in order for the damage to be so bad they had to remove Celia's eye, it wasn't just a quick accident, the bleach had to be allowed to soak in.
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  • His father's absolute refusal to believe anything bad about his son in the hopes of maintaining his "perfect family" ideal. Choosing to be Kevin's pal rather than his father, he dismisses any concerns his wife brings up to him and hand-waves any actual misdeeds by Kevin under a "boys will be boys" mentality. The really scary part? There are actually parents like this. There is also the Parents as People angle to consider as well. Who in their right mind really wants to believe their child is an incurable, monstrous sociopath?
  • Eva's entire life from her pregnancy onward. Her husband takes control of her life, she can't bond with her child, her existence is dominated by the small tyrant she brought into the world, her concerns and worries are utterly dismissed, and while she has absolutely no-one to turn to (making her an increasingly isolated figure), she's the one held responsible when her worst fears are realized. On top of that, her former independent identity is absolutely supplanted by "being Kevin's mother," to the point that she can no longer think of escaping his hold on her. In short, she's every anxiety a woman might have about motherhood, but then made exponentially worse.
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  • The description of the shooting is horrible. Being locked in a room, with nowhere to hide or run, shot with arrows by a classmate who lured you there... and everyone except the teacher and Laura Woolford bled to death.
  • Greer's death, specifically. Kevin pierces arrows through her feet and she slowly bleeds to death while standing.