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Nightmare Fuel / The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

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  • The title sequence for Season 1 was easily the spookiest for an American family show in The '70s, with Nancy and the boys running around a large, dark maze in the middle of wilderness at night, while mysterious music plays and ghostly images of spooky book covers appear around them.
  • In The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom there is a very harrowing scene where Nancy is walking down an empty street at night, searching for a man in a grotesque mask reminiscent of The Phantom of the Opera's scarred face. As she walks down the street, to a spine-tingling score, we see the Phantom looking at her out of alleys and stairwells, while she doesn't see him.
  • Practically the entirety of The House on Possessed Hill:
    • The musical score is full of eerie One-Woman Wailing, tense violins, and Ominous Music Box Tunes.
    • The Ominous Music Box Tune referenced above, comes from a pair of pair of windup dolls that move and play music when wound up. When Joe is searching the house looking for Stacey, he looks into an empty room and sees that someone has wound the dolls up, presumably Stacey. He leaves, and the dolls wind down and stop... only to start moving again, despite nobody winding them up.
    • Frank looks into a room and sees a pool table covered in balls. As he watches, one of the balls starts rolling, and knocks into another ball, all by itself. This incident, like the musical dolls, is never given a rational explanation.
    • By the end of the episode, the mystery seems all wrapped up, with Frank convinced that everything that went on in the house was caused by either Stacey, or the criminals that were using the house to store the money and the corpse of their partner. Joe seems less convinced, and looks back at the house as Frank prepares to drive the van away. As he watches, the ghost of the man who originally owned the house, recognizable from the Spooky Painting in the living room, comes out and stares at them from the porch. Joe tries to get Frank to see it, but by the time Frank looks, the ghost has disappeared. Joe, terrified, tells Frank to just drive away.

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