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Nightmare Fuel / The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

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  • Most of the "scares" are jumpscares being played for laughs with the cowardly Mr. Chicken, but the revelation that there are bloodstains on the keyboard of the organ is unsettling, as well as the organ suddenly playing right in front of him, seemingly by itself.
  • The last thing Luther sees in the Simmons mansion before he faints from fright is the painting of Mrs. Simmons, stabbed in the throat with the very garden shears that killed the real woman. Most unsettling is the fact that the painting is bleeding, which is never explained. Mr. Kelsey admits that he stabbed the painting as part of his ruse to expose the killer, but how did the painting bleed?
  • The Simmons Mansion itself definitely counts. Bearing an eerie resemblance to another horror movie house where a reported murder-suicide took place, the house looms large over the town of Rachel, Kansas. And the interior...well let's just say the décor adds to the atmosphere.