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Nightmare Fuel / Ghost (1990)

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The movie is a supernatural romance comedy drama thriller and it really takes the opportunity to ramp up the "supernatural" and "thriller" aspects. Given the movie's title is Ghost, this wouldn't be all that unexpected.

WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • The dark, hooded figures that drag Willy and Carl's souls to Hell. The horrific, guttural cries they make (created by slowing down recordings of babies crying) are chilling.
  • Double for Sam's double-dream where he "wakes up" from his "nightmare." He wants some comfort from Molly, so he pulls out the blankets to find the statue of an angel from earlier in the film. The statue then moves a little, as if to look right at Sam. The angel's forlorn-looking face doesn't help either. (In an earlier script, it was Molly as a skeleton.) And then Sam wakes up, and the angel statue falls from its rope and shatters on the pavement, which is very ominous.
    • The latter turns out to be symbolic, as it foreshadows that Sam's "angel" Molly is in danger.
  • The Subway Ghost gets to spend his afterlife aimlessly wandering around the subway station, endlessly sitting in a train as well as endlessly longing for a cigarette (which he is no longer capable of smoking because he doesn't have a body).
    • The sad, scary state of the Subway Ghost's existence is really brought home by the end of the sequence he's in: He's initially lucid enough to teach Sam how to move physical objects, but when Sam starts asking about how he died, he starts getting paranoid, seemingly not remembering who Sam is anymore, and runs and jumps onto the train tracks in a panic, never to be seen again... Which was probably how he died in the first place.
  • Sam's torment of both Willy and Carl before they are killed. Evil as they are, their panic and fear at being attacked by an unseen force is so convincing that it's unsettling.
    • When Sam chases Willie into the bathroom and turns on the hot water to steam up the mirror, he writes "BOO".
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  • Any time one of the deceased sees their own body upon death. Sam in particular is so mortified that he looks ready to throw up if he could.
  • Sam phasing through a hospital orderly (unintentionally) and showing us a Gross-Up Close-Up of the man's blood and brains as he moves through Sam. Sam's face really says it all, realizing he's completely invisible and truly has no physical form anymore.
  • Any time any ghost phases through a wall or any other solid object, it makes a sickening rip-like sound as they move about.
  • Carl sitting alone in an empty office fussing over the closed account, unaware that Sam is in the room and mocking him with death at every opportunity. The enormous levels of stress on Carl's face is bad enough, but his panic becomes all the more raw when he sees his keyboard type out a single word on his screen: MURDERER.
    • And how does Sam follow that one up when Carl screams at whoever's doing it? SAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAMSAM......
  • Carl threatening to kill Molly once he understands that Sam is tormenting him as an unseen force. Until this point, he hadn't tried to physically harm Molly. Now he's prepared to threaten her life if his demands are not met, wielding a knife and even trying to set the apartment aflame when he becomes unhinged. Even Sam, a ghost, cannot challenge the otherwise defenseless man as he knows that Carl will follow through on it.
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  • The title card in the opening credits is a goddamn Jump Scare with an ominous score. Nice, Jerry Zucker, very nice.


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