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Nightmare Fuel / The Dark Tower (2017)

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  • Walter's ability to make others do as he says, even against their will.
    • The nature of how Walter commanded his two mooks who failed him to "kill each other". He orders them to do it while they're in a restaurant, so it's likely they could've eaten each other! Either way, maybe it's best that the spectacle was off-screen.
    • Walter sees a happy child with her mother and purely For the Evulz says, "Hate". The child's eyes go cold and fortunately we don't see what happens next here either.
    • At some point, when he's at Jake's house and kills Jake's step-father, the mother tries to cry out, but Walter shushes her softly, preventing her from calling out for help.
  • Deschain using a tarantula as a visual aid for all the creatures of hell that will break loose if the tower should fall. Not helpful if you have arachnophobia. Also terrifying if you remember another, iconic Stephen King villain who is known to be a spider....
    • Tying to the above, that event happened near a circus called Pennywise. A circus, where kids play around, named Pennywise.
  • What Walter does to Jake’s mother. Even though we only see the aftermath, it’s still quite horrifying to witness Jake’s emotional breakdown at finding his mother’s charred remains, especially as you realise that the boy is now an orphan.

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