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Nightmare Fuel / Superboy (1994)

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Kon-El in a Drowning Pit
  • The offhand way Knockout killed the police officer seems like something that would happen all the time in a world where there are multiple people with superstrength walking about.
  • Drowning comes up a lot, like when he decided the only way to take down Knockout was to pin both of them to a watery grave together and when the Silicon Dragons flooded their own underwater base.
  • The Mo-o drains people of their life energy and leaves them a smoking skeleton almost instantly. She doesn't even want to do this but has to in order to survive, when Superboy takes her away from the airport where she fed on a hapless father and almost fed on a child she starves to death and crumbles into ashes even though she'd fed not that long ago.
  • When Superboy went missing almost no one cared and or noticed until Roxy contacted them looking for clues. By the time he comes back his entire makeshift family has moved out of the compound with only Roxy even left in Hawaii.
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  • Some of Superboy's dreams can be rather disturbing, like the one where he's torn in half, or the one where all his friends turn their backs on him and tell him to grow up after his age progression has been stopped, or the one where his "family" all abandons him and doesn't want to see him anymore which even reflects his current reality and convinces him to return to Cadmus when he's asked to come back to them.
  • Dabney Donovan's clone melting compound killing all of the Agenda clones still in Cadmus, except Match who flees and uses his TTK to protect himself. Especially horrifying considering that after having a telepath guiding and controlling their thoughts for the first part of their lives and being "programed" to obey many of them were showing their ability to act of their own volition and the Guardian clone seemed to be considering turning on Agenda. The series as a whole goes out of its way to establish that clones are people since the main character is one and this compound left around a hundred of them as puddles seeping out of piles of clothing.

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