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Nightmare Fuel / Split

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"Kevin is a man! I am much more!"

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In a film full of creepy moments, the prize might actually go to the all-too-real moment where we see through a young Kevin's eyes as he hides under the bed from his abusive mother.
  • Even though you can see it coming, the flashback scenes involving a young Casey and her uncle can be very uncomfortable to watch.
  • The Beast is essentially Nightmare Fuel on legs. From the beginning the implication of the Beast as a character is chilling, a super-strong monstrous killer who is both worshipped and feared by Patricia, Dennis and Hedwig. They try to appease him by feeding him young girls and prepare for his coming with an almost religious fervor. When he finally debuts, the Beast emerges from Kevin in a scene with little to no sound effects and a haunting soundtrack. All you can see is his outline convulsing and twisting like a man possessed as he strips off his clothing, until he rises again and races off with inhuman speed to finally begin his rampage. It's essentially the most terrifying aspects of Mr Hyde and the Hulk wrapped up into character. And when you finally see him in person, and what he can do, it only goes downhill from there
    • The way the Beast kills Doctor Fletcher deserves special mention — he wraps his arms around her waist, pinning her body in front of his, and slowly crushes her to death.
  • The Beast is a cannibal and ends up eating both of Casey’s friends Claire and Marcia.
    • What’s makes it even worse is is that if you look closely when Claire is being eaten she seems to still be alive.
  • West Dylan Thordson's score alone is pretty unnerving. At times it doesn't even sound like music but more like ambient noise. It sounds what you'd imagine the fear of the dark personified would be.


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