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Nightmare Fuel / Splice

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Ginger and Fred killing each other, after Ginger turns into a male and they fight for dominance.
  • Dren heartlessly killing the cat she became friends with just to spite Elsa.
  • When Dren speaks just before raping Elsa. The fact that it's the only time that Dren says anything without the aid of scrabble blocks in the entire movie certainly doesn't help.
    • "Inside... you..."
  • On another note, Clive having sex with Dren is disturbing on a different level. While nowhere as graphic as when Dren assaults Elsa, it’s still a scientist having sex with his pseudo-daughter and is fully aware that she doesn’t recognize how messed up the situation is due to her animalistic nature.
  • Dren’s physical appearance dips right into the Uncanny Valley. While she borders on being Ugly Cute, she has backwards legs, a skin colored tail with a stinger, and black eyes that are WAY too spread apart, which can make still images of her look unsettling. And all of that is before she actually becomes dangerous.
    • Even with Dren’s eventual Face–Heel Turn, what happens in her/his life is still deeply disturbing, particularly since it all starts with Dren being raised by two scientists with no idea what they’re dealing with. Imagine the movie from Dren’s perspective; you’re an experiment struggling between humanity and your natural instincts whose raised by two scientists who you think are nice at first, while they try to instill human behaviors into you that simply won’t stick. Then, as you get older, you see your father figure as a potential mate, without having the true sentience to recognize how messed up it is. You do things you don’t realize are wrong, and every time you do, your mother figure scolds you, creating a bigger divide between someone who used to nurture you. Eventually, you lash out, and your mother figure decides to take away any agency you have by strapping you to a table and treating you like the experiment you are.

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