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Tear Jerker / Split

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When Kevin asks Casey to kill him to stop his malevolent personalities is sad enough, but then his other benevolent personalities beg her not to. They've been trying the entire movie to try and stop the Horde and have done nothing wrong, they're victims just as much as everyone else, so seeing them be terrified of dying is heartbreaking.
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  • The film's climax when the Beast sees that Casey has suffered in her past and decides to let her go, both him and Casey in tears in the scene. "Rejoice! The broken are more evolved."
  • Arguably the death of Dr. Fletcher. Sure, she didn't realize Kevin was taken over by his personalities and spent parts of the film unaware she was led astray, but the scene where she realizes what's going on and her tragic death as the Horde kills her is saddening. This makes Kevin's reaction to seeing his Morality Pet dead worse.
  • One simple line: "Your uncle's here to pick you up." After all Casey has gone through, watching two fellow students die and being psychologically tortured by a madman, she is going to be forced to return to her abusive monster of a guardian. It's just so unfair. The cop notices the look on her face though, implying that after facing a fear far worse than her uncle and having endured what she did, she might now have the strength to tell someone about the abuse and escape it. Glass would later go on to confirm that she did just that.
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  • Dr. Fletchers' speech and reassurances towards Dennis, when she coaxes him to reveal that he has been pretending to be Barry, Dennis actually seems genuinely touched and starts crying as she validates his belief that he and the others do exist to protect Kevin, it seems to be tears of joy as she does not treat him like a evil personality, more as someone necessary to keep his creator safe, its heartwarming and sad at the same time.


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