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The obligatory twist is Kevin is a werewolf

It's a Shyamalan film, there has to be a twist. And given the Beast persona and the little drawing we see, it'd make sense.

  • Nope but certain abilities of the Beast were based off the various animals at the zoo Kevin worked at. The Beast is essentially an amalgam of all those animals created through sheer belief alone.

The twist is, while Kevin has real split personalities, the Beast is an actual demon possessing him.

Same logic as above.

  • Nope but the Beast is a new personality with almost demon-like abilities created via the Clap Your Hands If You Believe theory thing that was proposed by Kevin's psychiatrist. It goes that because DID sufferers believe that their different personalities are different people, their personalities literally subtly change their bodies to become different people or something along those lines. Like how apparently one personality of a certain patient she had was allergic but their other personalities weren't. Thus through the belief of being a supernatural beast by 3 of Kevin's personalities, a new personality capable of supernatural things was created. Very movie logic however it all makes sense when the Twist Ending is factored in.

Twist is the Beast is normal Kevin

Why not?

  • Nope. Normal Kevin is just normal. In fact when he finds out he has killed people, he asks to be killed.

The twist is that Kevin is a cannibal who intends to eat his captives
  • And eating others is how he "absorbs" their personalities/souls.
    • The Beast is cannibalistic but he doesn't absorb people's souls.

The twist is that the girls are part of his personalities

This is a Shyamalan twist we're talking about here after all..

  • Nope

The twist is that there is no twist

Because not putting a twist in the film means that there is a twist, even though there isn't a twist...have I confused you yet?

there is no twist and Shyamalan is done doing those in his movie from now on.
  • Hey things and people change.
    • Same response found in above WMG.

The upcoming Blumhouse film Sleight will be in-continuity with this movie.

I suspect Jason Blum is trying to put together a super hero universe on the cheap. That movie's trailer even outright compared it to Iron Man and Chronicle.


So, with those movies he'd basically have templates for Captain America (David Dunn), The Hulk (Kevin), and Iron Man (the upcoming protagonist). That just leaves them with Thor.

The sequel will feature David Dunn facing off with the Beast
Think about it. The first film set up the Super Hero, this film set up the Super Villain, isn't the next logical step to have them fight?
  • All but confirmed by interviews with Shyamalan.

Casey will develop her own powers and fight The Beast alongside David Dunn.
Related to the above WMG. If a basic rule of this universe is that being traumatized elevates you above ordinary humans, then Casey is certainly a candidate to develop her own unique abilities, having survived both her abuse at the hands of her uncle and her encounter with The Beast. However, rather than embrace The Beast's Social Darwinist philosophy, she'll choose to use her powers to defend humanity. In short, this film was her Superhero Origin and the next one will see her join David Dunn in his fight against The Beast.

The nature of The Beast depends on which personality summons him.
Going with the above idea that The Beast is The Hulk of this Universe, it's quite possible that one of the less evil personalities might pass the Godzilla threshold and summon The Beast to fight something even worse. Basically, think the the movie: I can't control it... But maybe I could guide it, aim it in the right direction.

Casey's father was murdered.
Her uncle deliberately killed her dad for the soul purpose of gaining full custody of Casey so that he could molest her and there would be nobody there to prevent it from happening.

Casey's uncle is the date-rape guy from the first movie.
We never saw David catch him, so who's to say he ever stopped his bad habits?
  • Or perhaps the young woman in David's vision was Casey. Could have been M. Night's intention, he just never expected the huge time gap.

Casey will either join The Beast/Kevin or she'll be developed into an anti-hero.
Out of the kidnapped victims, Casey was the only one that appeared to form some kind of bond between Kevin and his other personalities. When The Beast noticed the inflicted cuts on her he even mentions that her soul is pure and Casey was the only victim that The Beast has spared.

The sequel might involve The Beast or possibly Patricia/Dennis persuading Casey to join them and help them in their crimes. They might even sweeten the deal by kidnapping Casey's uncle and giving her the opportunity to kill him. Or Casey's experience from the previous movie might inspire her to become a vigilante who hunts and kills rapist and pedophiles. Regardless of the scenario, David could come in and try to save Casey from spiraling down a dark path.

The film is a lead up to a shared universe between Shyamalan's films
While on the hunt for "The Horde" and "The Beast", David discovers a much larger threat: the return of the alien invaders who came to Earth back in 2002. Their plan? To force the collective plantlife of the world to release a toxin that will cause large groups of people to commit suicide. Their first attempt, a test run, was a success, and the second wave is coming. David recruits the help of those who are immune to the toxin, including a teen named Joey and a man named Cole.
  • If that's the case, could David Dunn be related to Malcolm Crowe? Like twin brothers separated at birth and adopted to different families?

Dunn will adopt Casey.
She'll fight off her uncle and, fearful that she might either be put back into a system she doesn't trust or arrested, she runs away. Dunn finds her, takes care of her, and over the course of the movie, reluctantly trains her in her own superhuman powers. The Robin to his Batman, as it were.

Hedwig is the remnant of Kevin's original personality
This could explain why Hedwig has the power to choose which alters are allowed into the Light: Kevin may be the "core", integrated personality, but Hedwig is the remnant of the original child that all of the alters were created to protect. As such, Hedwig (perhaps catalyzed by Kevin or Barry's failure to protect them from the girls' sexual assault/prank) is able to pick and choose who he wants to protect them.

Casey will become a Non-Powered Costumed Hero
Casey will not develop superhuman powers, but instead fill the Non-Powered Costumed Hero archetype in this universe, using her knowledge of hunting to become The Horde's nemesis. After all, who better to hunt The Beast than Hunter? (She'll need More Dakka though) Especially one that is a mirror image to the villain:
  • Both were subjected to abuse in the childhood, but Casey survived with her psyche intact, while Kevin's was fractured.
  • The Horde derives his powers from biological means, Casey will have to rely on technology to fight him.
  • Alternatively, Casey will somehow gain or discover magical powers to contrast The Horde's biological powers (Magic Vs. Sci-Fi.)

Casey will exploit Superpowered Alter Ego and Clap Your Hands If You Believe in order to defeat The Beast
Investigating about Kevin, she will find Dr. Fletcher's research about people with DID (maybe even meeting with Shaw) and realize that this is the source of The Beast's superhuman abilities. With the intent of defeating it herself, she will undergo Training from Hell in order to develop two new personalities:
  • The first will possess all the superhuman traits shown by The Beast, as well as enhanced aim and tracking ability.
  • The second will be very cunning and persuasive and would have the mission of undermining Kevin's split personalities psychologically, convincing them that the first CAN defeat The Beast, therefore weakening it.

Kevin's father was on the same train as David.
Perhaps Glass suspected someone in Kevin's family was superpowered which is how he comes to know about Kevin. Tying David and Kevin in that way would also make sense from a comic perspective.

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