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Nightmare Fuel / Roman's Empire

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Roman's Empire, while less depressing than its predecessors, is still a story about organized crime. As such, there are some occasional disturbing moments.

  • Kincaid is absolutely ruthless. When Cordovan gets abducted, she threatens to torture him for not paying tariffs. She drags out the torture first by cutting him with her nail. He then burns him with a curling iron.
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  • When Reed is found out for trying to kill Kincaid, she walks towards him and threatens to kill his family (including his young children) and Roman says that every word of her threat is dripping with malice. And she outright slits his throat in front of everyone and simply goes on casually like nothing happened. It really shows the nature of the organized crime business when that can be brushed off as business as usual.
  • Even worse, the description of her killing the family while carving a Glasgow Grin on each member’s face and setting them up in poses for a family photo.
  • Neo is a tiny woman, but she is able to maim and kill a group of men effortlessly. Stacy and Dwight are appropriately horrified as she starts going full-on Ax-Crazy and stabbing people for fun. While the ending of that scene is played for Black Comedy, it’s still disturbing how little restraint Neo has when allowed to cut loose.
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  • Roman gets abducted and finds out that Neo was also captured. And the person who abducts him and his nigh-unbeatable companion? None other than Kincaid...
  • ...and she isn't happy in the slightest about Roman taking her business. She captures Chloe and torture's her by putting her feet in a bucket of water with lightning Dust, intending for her to die from electrocution.
  • Her Villainous Breakdown makes her look even worse than when she was in control. She viciously attacks Neo without restraint as all her charm is replaced with nothing but anger. She even picks up Neo by the throat and tosses her into rubble. Just after, she shoots Dwight in a fit of rage for getting in the way of killing Roman. And he takes her time beating him half to death with his own cane.
  • Neo gets another major moment of Ax-Craziness when she kills Kincaid. First by impaling her with her sword, then stabbing her repeatedly in the chest. Roman even has to calm her down.

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