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Nightmare Fuel / An Emerald Unearthed

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You'd think that because Emerald actually had much better parents that Cinder and Mercury things would be better? Think again, because An Emerald Unearthed has it's own share of terrifying moments.

  • There was a Retcon to the story that made Silva a Faunus with shark teeth, giving him an even more unsettling appearance. Especially with his constant smug smiles that provide opportunities to show them off.
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  • Silva going after Emerald in the second chapter. She has to hide from him and his henchmen using only her Semblance and her wits. It doesn’t help that she is basically out in the open and is hidden only by a projection that she puts up. Even worse is when Silva is only inches away from her face. She is depending on this illusion to work or else he’ll abduct her.
    Silva: Come on out, little Sustrai! If you show yourself soon, I promise not to hurt you. Make things difficult for me… and I’ll make things difficult for you.
  • The ease of how cruel Silva can be. He ruthlessly kills Emerald’s mother in the opening flashback and dismisses it as “collateral” so that Cole will pay his debts next time. He then threatens to kill Emerald if Cole doesn’t hand over more money. His jovial attitude doesn’t help much. It only underscores how cruel he is.
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  • One show of his cruelty is when he casually shoots one of his men in frustration. This even disturbs Emerald when she hears it happen.
  • The ending of Chapter 4 has Silva's guard choking Emerald into unconsciousness while Silva casually threatens her. It even ends as Emerald passes out.
  • The later description of Silva's men beating her up to "persuade her" to join him. She only has her Aura to keep her protected.


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