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Nightmare Fuel / Providence

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The Comic

"One comes at last to question even the existence of identity as a phenomenon."
Elspeth Wade
It's Alan Moore doing H. P. Lovecraft, so naturally, there will be plenty of nightmarish and often Squicky sights to see within the story.
  • Lilith in the basement's cave in Issue 2. A glowing, taloned, naked witch-like figure with a skull face, it chases after Robert while hooting. The skulls of her previous victims, many of them presumably the children Suydam traffics, litter the floor. What makes it all particularly creepy is that no reason is given for why Robert is spared after he falls unconscious.
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  • Massey suckling her familiar Jenkins, while lecturing Robert nude.
  • Twice in issue 5 the borders of the panels change to straight edges as opposed to hand-drawn, which normally occurs when something supernatural is occurring. But there's nothing shown, aside from the viewpoint of the comic being Robert shown through a window: implying something supernatural is watching him.
  • Issue 6 shows Robert getting raped by his own body, with his consciousness, switched into the body of a 13-year-old girl by a psychotic sorcerer.
  • The comic is on the whole incredibly unnerving in its use of panels and control of tone. This makes the supernatural parts, such as the dilation of time that much scarier. Providence is one of the few times you realize how scary reading the Necronomicon is supposed to be.
  • Providence 7 reveals that ghouls exist under countless major cities, feeding on the dead and alive alike.
    • The depiction of the Boston Riots and Pitman's painting of the Subway is also unnerving for the violence, crazed passion of the Angry Mob and the ghouls, as befits the artist of Crossed.
  • Nyarlathothep decides to reward Black for all his help by giving him a blowjob. Robert is a tad too horrified at what he had unwittingly enabled to enjoy it.