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Nightmare Fuel / Pride of Baghdad

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  • The initial bombing, which was a severe Mood Whiplash.
  • The death of the giraffe after the bombing starts.
  • The sheer amount of Scenery Gorn throughout the comic really sets the tone for what it must look (and feel) like should someone ever get caught in the middle of a bombing.
  • Fajer's appearance as Rashid's torturer, along with him nearly killing Noor and Safa.
  • The death of Fajer, who's trampled to death by horses. Even worse, he doesn't die instantly. And when he begs Zill to give him a Mercy Kill, Zill chooses to leave him to bleed out.
  • The Surprisingly Sudden Deaths of the entire pride. Zill is killed before we even figure out what happened to him, Safa is torn apart by gunfire, Ali is brutally slain on the very next page, and Noor bleeds to death while her son lays lifeless next to her.