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Nightmare Fuel / Noah

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When Noah comes across the Cainites all cannibalizing each other. They also rip a live animal apart and toss around its entrails. Then there's the feral man that Noah sees that turns around to sport his own image before his red face becomes demonic.
    • In addition, some of the scenes from the Crapsack World that is the Cainite camp implied that women are being traded into sex slavery, in return for more food.
      • Or worse, that they're being traded as food!
    • In an earlier scene at the Cainite camp, the King, Tubal-Cain, surveys the local meat-market. Among the butchers dismembering all the animal carcasses, one is carrying a flayed human leg, which he also proceeds to chop up. Afterwards, the camera pans in on Tubal-Cain's face and the very sight of his merciless expression with the sound of all the axes chopping (human) meat all around is simply nightmarish.
  • As the flood water surges around the Ark, Noah's family is huddled around for safety- you can hear the cries of the many people outside of the Ark. Meanwhile, a quick cut outside shows an entire mountaintop full of people desperately scrambling to save themselves from the flood, as the waters rise and the waves wash them away.
    • It's implied that all that screaming lasted over a day, and there are the sounds children crying among the doomed. Nightmare Fuel combined with Hell Is That Noise.
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  • Noah himself becomes absolutely terrifying when he believes that he and his family must also suffer God's wrath. At one point, he even threatens that he will kill Ila's newborn infant, should the child be female. He almost goes through with it!
  • Among some of the more graphic scenes Na'el getting her foot stuck in a bear trap, and then getting trampled by the Cainite crowd in a pretty horrific manner.
  • The snakes boarding the new Ark are guaranteed to make people with ophidiophobia ill-at-ease.

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