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Heartwarming / Noah

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Noah singing a lullaby to the young Ila to help her to get over the pain.
  • Methuselah gives his blessing to Ila by healing the wound that made her barren, and the joy on Ila's face when she realizes what just happened.
  • When the Watchers start dying one-by-one while defending the ark from the Cainites, they return to angel form and ascend to Heaven. The Creator has forgiven them for their disobedience and permitted them to return home.
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  • At the end where Noah tries to kill the twin babies of Ila she pleads him to sing a lullaby for the new born babies the last time. He approves and she then starts to sing the exact same song that Noah once sung to her when they met each other once. At first it seems like he doesn't change his mind... and at the end he probably realizes that he probably just worked against his own spirit and leaves the babies alive.
  • Seeing Methusela finally receive some berries as he's about to die. It's surprisingly touching, seeing how peaceful and content he is as he's about to die.

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