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Nightmare Fuel / Kagerou Project

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  • Chapter 18 of the manga was filled with this thanks to the appearance of Kuroha.
    • First was Kuroha's slasher smiles. It looked just like the ones he flashed in Outer Science.
    • Kuroha's murder of Kano, it was instant and gory.
    • Seto's death was the worst, he rushed towards Kuroha. Kuroha just shot Seto in the stomach and forced Seto to eat the barrel and killed him.
    • Kido's death wasn't kind either. After watching the death of her oldest friends, she was shot 5 times.
    • Kuroha's look as he killed Ene. He was clearly enjoying messing with Shintaro.
  • Chapter 19 of the manga is happy. Then the last few pages show Hiyori being hit by a truck.
  • Chapter 39 of the manga shows a red eyed Hiyori with Kido's corpse.
  • Chapter 48 of the manga route reveals that it was Hibiya, not Hiyori, who was possessed by the Wide Eyes Snake when he pushes Momo off the rooftop.

  • The inside of the Kagerou Daze as shown in Episode 4 is quite unnerving.
  • Azami's fate in the Daze, as we see in episode 10.

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