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There are very few people in Kagerou Project who don't get bashed for one reason or another in terms of shipping. This is often exacerbated by the main characters often having unrequited love for others or platonic loves.

  • Shintaro/Ene used to be one of the favorite couples when the series started, because they were some sort of Platonic Life-Partners during Shintaro's isolation and because of the official art putting them together. However, ever since the reveal of Haruka Kokonose’s role in Ene’s past as Takane Enomoto and after Ayano started to take a bigger role in the storyline, revealed to be the reason why Shintaro became a Hikikomori and how much she tried to be some sort of Manic Pixie Dream Girl to him, Shintaro/Ene shippers have all but dissipated and Shintaro/Ayano and Haruka/Takane became the Fan-Preferred Couple.
    • By the way, Shintaro sometimes gets bashed by Konoha/Ene and Takane/Haruka shippers. They call him a boring, shallow jerkass who is completely superfluous to the plot.
    • Ene is also sometimes bashed by Shintaro/Ayano shippers, calling her an annoying sidekick who does nothing but mess with Shintaro.
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    • That being said, you can still find support for Shintaro/Ene in some circles.
  • Poor Momo Kisaragi. Some of her most rabid haters are Hibiya/Hiyori shippers, who have convinced themselves that Hibiya isn’t allowed to care for two girls at the same time (even if it’s in different ways) . And they do that completely forgetting that even if Hiyori cared about him, his love for her was one-sided and she had a crush on Konoha, but fans prefer to ignore that fact, despite being Hiyori’s canon love interest.
    • And, as if that weren't enough, some of the more rapid Kido/Kano shippers hate Momo too.
    • Meanwhile Kido/Momo shippers can be pretty toxic towards Kido/Kano shippers.
  • Conversely, Hiyori faces a lot of hate predominately from rapid Hibi/Momo shippers. While she is a jerk to Hibiya, specially in the anime, they say he is too good for Hiyori despite Hiyori going just as many time-loops to save Hibiya (that and Momo had shipped the two in the manga).
  • Kido has gotten a fair amount of hate from people who ship Kano with other people. They mostly tend to focus on her short temper and tendency to get physical with him as "proof" that she's a bad person or doesn't care about him.
  • There seems to be never ending hate directed at any ship involving the trio together, with the argument usually boiling down to "it's kind of incest." Naturally the most hate seems to accumulate from fans who ship one of the trio with someone else in the dan.
    • There's a lot directed at the Kanokido ship due to the support it seems to have in anthologies and official art from the anime.

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