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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Before Seto's official name was revealed, most fans took to calling him "Forest-kun" in reference to Imagination Forest, the song he debuted in.
    • Haruka was called "Dead-kun" by the English fandom before his official name was released based on the Children Record PV where there's one scene he appears in where he lying on the ground looking dead.
    • Takane was nicknamed "Actor" based on the PV "Headphone actor" until her official name was released.
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    • Kuroha for the Snake of Clearing eyes while possessing Konoha is a Fan Nickname. Some merchandise calls him Black Konoha, Dark Konoha, or Konoha? though. Jin later confirmed Kuro Konoha (which could be translated as the first or second options) to be his canon name.
    • Mekakushi Trio or Orphan Trio for Kido, Seto, and Kano, and Yuukei Quartet for the high school kids Shintaro, Ayano, Takane, and Haruka.
  • Sequel Gap: "Never Lost Words", which provides some closure for Kido's character, was released over four years after the previous song, "Summertime Record", which is the largest time gap between songs in the entire series. And in general, the Mekakucity Reload album has the same gap to Records.
  • What Could Have Been: Jin stated in an early interview regarding Hibiya's background (before he was properly introduced in the novels) that he would be Childhood Friends with Hiyori. He also mentioned that Hibiya's quite popular in school, his only downfall being that he can't get Hiyori to notice his feelings for her. By the time he's properly introduced in the novels, however, with the exception of his unrequited crush on Hiyori, his background is completely rewritten.
    • Konoha, and Haruka, by extension were originally supposed to be girls.
    • Jin originally wanted to name the series Mekakucity Project, which was evident when all of his major KagePro-related albums are called Mekakucity ______. However, Kagerou Daze got too popular and so Jin was forced to name the series after it. He eventually got his way in the anime.

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