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Nightmare Fuel / Jaws: The Revenge

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This ain’t the Kool-Aid guy.
  • Just forgive how Mitchell Anderson is embarrassingly obviously hiding his arm under his jacket and think about his character Sean Brody's situation.
    • Just on your boat, doing your job, when suddenly some unknown menace emerges from the depths, latches onto you, and starts violently pulling your arm. For some reason, it's bloody even before it happens but who cares!? You manage to stay on the boat, but realize your flippin' arm is gone! You try to scream for help, but unfortunately your very far out and everyone is busy Christmas caroling so no one can hear you. So the beast returns, and your efforts to keep yourself in the safety of your boat are futile as it effortlessly drags you into the water. Keep screaming all you want for the remainder of your time above water, because it proceeds to pull you down and finish you off.
  • Jake ending up in the sharks mouth
  • The Banana Boat scene, especially if you're a parent.

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