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Headscratchers / Jaws: The Revenge

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  • Why exactly does the shark explode at the end? has there ever been an official explanation
    • They threw a bomb down its throat. The ending is rushed and confused due to all the reshoots, but one of the revised endings is them throwing an improvised explosive device down the shark's throat which (in cliched movie fashion) waits until the last second to explode. Why the shark roared; now that is a stumper.
      • It's not a bomb thrown down the shark's throat but an electromagnetic impulse machine Jake devised in an effort to disorient it. And this was always part of the film, not part of the reshoots. The shark explodes for absolutely no reason. As to the roaring, in the script, the shark began roaring at Ellen because she ran it over in the boat. She turns the ship around to do it again and this is when the shark starts standing out of the water and roaring at her. Of course, this did not make it to the final film and it's unknown if it was ever actually shot, but it was in the script (said script going so far as to refer to the shark during this scene as "an old boxer looking for a knockout punch in the fifteenth round").
  • Why does Ellen "remember" events in flashbacks she never saw in the first place? Every review/dissection etc I've read about this movie has pointed this out but There's never been any real explanation as far as I know. Was it just a case of the writers not thinking these things through?
    • In the case of the first film, perhaps Martin told Ellen about what happened to him and how he killed the shark. She’s probably remembering the story, but we, the audience, are seeing it via footage from the first film. Similarly, after witnessing Jake’s supposed death, she was thinking about what Sean’s final moments were before his demise, again using stock footage of a few scenes earlier to give the audience a clue as to what she’s thinking.
  • So is the shark supposed to be a relative/descendant of the first shark or what? I would assume so as why would it want revenge for some unrelated shark?
    • It possibly doesn't, but because of past events, Ellen believes the shark does.
  • I guess this headscratcher applies to all the sequels, but I'll mention it here because in this movie they imply the reason Martin Brody had a fatal heart attack was out of fear of another shark attack. That being the case, why didn't the whole family just move to, say, Nebraska, or some other state not next to the ocean? You can't say they couldn't afford it, as in this very movie they move from New England to the Bahamas (and I'm almost 100 percent sure a house in the Bahamas is more expensive than Nebraska.)

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