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Nightmare Fuel / Good Luck Charlie

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  • Charlie's 'Happy-Happy Horse'. Gabe's got a bad feeling about the horse, and when it says "Watch your back, kid..."
  • A meta example comes in the reaction to the penultimate episode where Charlie's playmate Has Two Mommies. As you would expect homophobic Moral Guardians were not happy, how did some respond? Why sending death threats to the cast and crew, up to and including Charlie! All in the name of family values, of course!
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  • Ivy’s costume prank after saying that Teddy had gone crazy.
  • While it is comedic, one ending scene of Gabe and his friend as SKELETONS is a bit chilling.
  • In one episode, some of the things Emmett says to Teddy are a bit rapey.
  • The theme park worker turning out to be a criminal.
  • Teddy imagining Charlie turning into a delinquent was quite distressing.
  • Bob and Amy potentially forgetting Charlie’s birthday after Toby is born.
  • How violent Jo can be. While she only minorly injured Gabe, she managed to put Teddy, who is about twice her size, in a BRACE.
  • PJ’s fantasy about one of his customers falling in love with him. In one part, he is shown as an old man with his “wife”. Immediately afterwards, she is sadly holding his hat, meaning he had died.
  • Gabe being afraid of zombies during a sleepover.
  • Karl scaring Charlie. Since Charlie was only two years old at the time, that must have been distressing for her. Karl ruining Teddy’s costume afterwards only made things worse.
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  • Amy’s teeth being knocked out.
  • Charlie being arrested for “shoplifting”.
  • Charlie kicking Jo, who is much taller than her.
  • Charlie could be downright hateful towards Toby in some episodes. The fact that a toddler could be such a sociopath is quite unnerving.

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