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Fridge Brilliance

  • Charlie doesn't bite Spencer because she "knows" he's cheating on Teddy, she bites him because she doesn't want to have share Teddy with him.
  • In The Movie, Gabe has his Z-Cube 700 taken by airport security. In Can You Keep A Secret?, he told Bob that the reason he was up to another Zany Scheme was to get the money he needed to buy the Z-Cube 500, but he was actually getting the cash to buy PJ a guitar that he really wanted. The Fridge Brilliance comes in realizing that Bob was so impressed with Gabe's thoughtful, selfless act that he bought him the newer game system.
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  • Bob's occasional concern that Amy might have dated/had feelings for other men in the past seems at first like the paranoid thoughts of a jealous husband until you consider the fact that Gabe's dark hair should be genetically impossible since both of his parents are blonde. Impossible, that is, if both of them are his biological parents. If one of them isn't, then him having dark hair is not only possible, but has a likelihood of either 25 percent or 50 percent, depending on the exact genotype of his biological father. Suddenly Bob's concerns don't seem so silly anymore.
  • The whole marriage subplot in the "Snow Show" episodes were a homage to a 2-part episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show: The man who married Bob and Amy Duncan was actually a con-artist = Laura reveals that she lied about her age when she fell in love with and married Rob. Bob and Amy realize that they're "not actually married" = Rob makes phone calls to his lawyers, and learns that he and Laura have basically been illegally married because of Laura's little lie... that, and having children out of wedlock. Both couples bicker with each other on their way to their new wedding ceremony, and end up getting happily married for real this time.
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  • PJ threatens to punch Gabe at Charlie's 3rd birthday party if he doesn't play along with the whole Princess / Cinderella act. PJ would do anything for Charlie, including beat up Gabe.
  • While it's no secret that Gabe isn't the best sibling one could have, and that PJ and Teddy deeply love Charlie. Gabe is the only child that wasn't responsible for Charlie going missing. Teddy lost track of Charlie in Hawaii while flirting with a boy. And in the second episode, Baby Come Back, PJ was flirting with a girl and ended up accidentally taking home said girl's baby brother while she took Charlie. That said Gabe never had any opportunities to lose her, so who knows how careless he would be if he was ever out with Charlie.
    • But if the ones that deeply love her lost her, then if Gabe ever has to take Charlie somewhere by him, wish her good luck.
    • So Toby lost Charlie once? And Bob Diddleboc's children too, if the whole "Gabe is Blankenhooper and Diddleboc's child" thing is true.
  • Why does everyone refer to Teddy and Charlie as such, instead of their given names Taylor and Charlotte? Because Amy and Bob wanted (albeit subconsciously) only boys. Look at Teddy's given name; yes, there are girls with than name, but that's usually the case in upper-class homes (Spencer's parents might have named a sister of his 'Taylor' and no one would have blinked an eye - but with the middle-class Duncans, it seems off. Then, the totally unexpected Charlotte arrives, and she gets the same treatment as her sister, name-wise.
  • In "Demolition Dabney" it's revealed that Teddy gets accepted into Yale - which is barely 2 hours away from Boston, where Spencer goes to college.
    • Teddy only earned the recommendation of the Alumni interviewing her. However, it's likely she will get accepted to Yale.

Fridge Logic

  • In one of the subplots to the 1-hour special, Special Delivery, Gabe and Jake are asked by their parents to buy a doll for Charlie for her 3rd birthday, but they spend it on a video game instead. Later, they try to return the video game to the store only to be rejected because they had already opened it. This is all okay by most standards, but if they couldn't have returned it to the original store, why couldn't they have returned it to a used video game store? In a big city like Denver, there's bound to be a few of them, and maybe one in the suburbs where the Duncans seem to live. Gabe and Jake may not have gotten as much money for it, but there's a good chance they might have gotten enough to get Charlie's doll.
    • Most video game stores have a pre-owned section these days, but have a huge markdown when purchasing games back - even if it's merely days after release. They would not have gotten the money for the doll back.
  • In "Down A Tree" PJ and Emmett are kicked out for not paying rent. Didn't Emmett's parents promise to pay rent if Emmett didn't contact them
    • Maybe He contacted them then?
    • Yeah but in another episode Emmett mentioned his parents moved and they meet at a halfway point

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