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Gabe will meet a girl who's basically a female version of him, though much more of a delinquent and more badass.
They'll have a rivalry, as expected, but will find out they both have the same secret obsession, or that their respective families have a secret about them. Would be even better if she was blonde, and they had the same birthday, and her family was brunette. *winkwink*
  • Jo already fits most of this, and might've been a total fit if she wasn't Put on a Bus.
    • There's another girl that's basically exactly like Gabe,and she's blonde too. Too bad she just wants to be friends because Gabe lies about liking "nice" things.

The show is an alternate universe of Wizards of Waverly Place in which there is no magic
The kids don't fight and have switched roles. PJ, the oldest, is the dumb one. Teddy, the middle child, is the smart one. And Gabe, the youngest, is the mean one. Charlie is there because the parents weren't afraid to have another child because there's nothing like magic that would be a problem in the future.
  • Does this mean Teddy is Alt-Universe Juliet?

All of the Credits Gags are Charlie's dreams
That would explain how each one is noticeably unrealistic compared to the show.
  • Again, the Rule of Funny comes into play to explain this.
  • Any gags with Charlie doing unrealistic stuff definitely qualifies as this. Some of those that don't contain Charlie may or may not be real.
  • It makes sense to assume that they are someone's dreams, given the fact that they are not only unrealistic, but also tend to be related to the episode, implying that somebody could be having a dream based on their memories of what happened in the episode. If they are dreams, it is possible that it is a different character dreaming each time. It is also worth noting, that you don't have to be in your own dreams, so the dreamer may not even be in some of the endings.

Gabe was accidently switched at birth
In "Return to Super Fun Adventure Land", Gabe is in a commercial and has a fake mother. Upon seeing her, he points out his lack of resemblance to his real mother.
  • This is actually really possible. I mean, I realize it's fiction, but still, if Amy and Bob are both naturally blonde, it should be genetically impossible for them to have any brunet children. Three of their four children are blond. They are both blond. They should not be able to have any children with dark hair - the only possible hair colors for their offspring should be blond and maybe redhead.
    • Unless he has a recessive gene, which means that his grandmother/father could have had brown hair in their youth, but that gene only decided to pop up now. Or his great grandparents had it, either or.
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    • Nix on that. The gene for blonde hair is the recessive gene. Brown hair is dominant. In theory, it is possible that there's a gene for brown hair in his family line somewhere, but it isn't possible that either Bob or Amy inherited that gene. (If they had, they would be brunettes.) Therefore, they only have recessive blond genes to give to Gabe, meaning that the above poster is correct: If Gabe really is their child, he should be as blond as the rest of the family.
    • There are only two ways a dark haired child can come from a blonde haired couple. A.) Gabe has a genetic mutation, or B.) one of them is not a natural blonde.
  • This is actually pretty much impossible - Toby has the same dark hair as Gabe, and he was born in the back of an ice-cream truck. Not a lot of opportunities for switching there. The most likely explanation is that one of the parents (my guess is Amy) is not a natural blonde. Also, if you look at the episode with flashbacks to when Teddy and PJ were kids, you'll see that Teddy's hair used to be darker as well, so it's most likely that at least one of the parents had a dominant brunet gene to hand on to their kids. They would be heterozygous, which explains how they were able to have so many blond children.

The bad word that Charlie used in "Teddy on Ice" is "douchebag"
Consider the following:
  • It's something Amy called an offending motorist, so it's a pejorative, not merely an interjection.
  • The word was offensive enough to warrant Bob a bitch-slap from Mrs. Dabney.
  • P.J. knew the word was bad, but he didn't know what it meant. Being in high school, PJ has likely heard the F-bomb used in its literal sense, but it's quite likely that he knows Jack Squat about feminine hygiene.
  • And while P.J. is dumb, I'm sure he know what a**hole means, literally and derogatively.
    • With all that said, I hope it was douchebag. The only other possible bad words that fit that criteria are cocksucker, and maybe sh_t-head, or f_ck-head.
  • This troper is nearly positive that the word was c_nt. Evidence: the word was clearly an extremely offensive word based on the characters reactions to Charlie's use of it. Also, c_nt is a word which is meant to be offensive to women, which would explain why Mrs. Dabney was offended enough to slap Bob for using it.

Gabe is the illegitimate child of Teddy and Spencer; Teddy is several years older than anyone outside of the family thinks.
It sounds awfully far-fetched for a Disney Channel show, but consider the following:
  • Gabe looks nothing like either parent. Furthermore, he has no obvious resemblance to any of the older relatives seen on the show, including the maternal grandparents.
  • It would go a long way towards explaining Teddy's emotional attachment to Spencer. I know it's her "first love" and everything, but why would she be so gaga over someone she just went on a few dates with?
  • It would also explain Teddy's thinly-veiled contempt for Gabe. It kind of adds a weird subtext, doesn't it?
  • Have you ever noticed that Gabe and Spencer never seem to appear in the same scene? Almost as if Spencer was trying to avoid Gabe...
  • Also explains why Bob and Amy don't like Spencer. (Admittedly, they probably wouldn't like him either way, so this one is a bit of a stretch.)
  • So wait Teddy had Gabe when she was ....five years old?
  • Maybe Teddy just looks younger than her real age [1]
    • No, she has her 18th birthday around the final episode.
Amy cheated on Bob in the past
  • There...I said it. She slept with another guy at some point in their marriage and Gabe was the result. This is the reason Bob freaks when he learns she dated another man after they broke up in high school and it's the reason Gabe's hair isn't blonde.
    • This is admittedly the most obvious explanation, and certainly the simplest. However, this troper doubts that a Disney Channel show would allow such a thing to slip through, even unintentionally.
    • Have you seen what slips through on Disney Channel? Go take a look at the Radar page for The Suite Life of Zack and Cody sometime...or Shake It Up...or even for this show. Some of it is pretty racy.

Amy dyes her hair.
She's actually a brunette, thus explaining why Gabe is a brunette.
  • Amy is probably a bottle blonde since her sister, Jamie, is a brunette. If Amy is a natural brunette, this allows the family to have both blonde and dark haired children. Although, with the rules of genetics in mind, there is a lower probability of having blonde children (17% if Amy's mom is a natural redhead as she appears in the movie). Of course, Gabe's hair is darker than Toby's hair, calling into question the genetics again, but this can easily be explained with Gabe being born with hair as light as Toby's, but then it just got naturally darker, something that happens often. So this is highly likely

Teddy's full name is Theodore Roosevelt Duncan.
Well, her initials ARE T.R.'s possible that her parents thought she would be a boy and they wanted to name her after a president as badass as Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy is short for Theodore, too.
  • Though it seems as though "Teddy" is her actual legal name.

Charlie's middle name is Leia.
Bob and Amy have two children with middle names relating to Star Wars. Since Teddy's out of the question as her middle name starts with "R", maybe Charlie's full name is Charlotte Leia Duncan.
  • As noted on the main page under Awesome Mc Coolname, PJ and Toby's middle names are revealed in the Credits Gag of Toby's birth episode, a Credits Gag which involves Bob crashing into the eighth floor of the hospital, so it is extremely dubious if those middle names are canon. That said, "Charlotte Leia Duncan" is much more plausible than "Patrick John Darth Duncan" and "Toby Wan Kenobi Duncan."
    • Even further as a gag, Teddy doesn't seem to know why the middle name is Star Wars based, so either she didn't know PJ's middle name, and hers is just a regular one, or its just a throwaway gag.

While he is by no means a genius, there are times when he appears to be smarter than the other characters give him credit for: making up a successful con on the spot in "Ball Game;" being able to successfully play a psychological counselor for — and solve the problems of — a family he has no prior knowledge of; possesses basic logic that Gabe lacks; is able to replicate a complex ice-skating routine, while having no experience, simply by analyzing a video; is shown to be a serious studier, which shows that he does genuinely care about his grades; is shown to take Chemistry which is not an easy class and is often an optional course so that students who can't handle it are able to drop the class and still graduate; references having passed every class that ends in "-ometry" and "-ology;" and is shown to be an excellent cook, which requires one to be able to make accurate measurements and proportions. Again, he is by no means a genius, but he knows when he needs to be competent.

The kid who made bets with PJ in "Snow Show" actually was Flynn Jones
The Jones' probably went vacationing in Colorado, and it wasn't exactly like he was acting out of character.

Good Luck Charlie will end with Teddy going to college at the end of Season 4
But rather than immediately take down the sets, especially after making a new Duncan home for Season 4, the show will be retitled "Good Luck Toby" & instead focus on Gabe taking Teddy's role by creating video diaries for his little brother.
  • Well, Teddy does go to college, but the show ends completely after that.

Mr. Dabney will eventually be revealed to be black.
This one isn't really a WMG as much as it is common sense, but since it hasn't been "officially" stated in the show, it still counts. Think about it - they've shown pictures of Rodney, who is noticeably dark-skinned. Now, in season 4, a girl who is presumably Rodney's daughter (there's never been another child of the Dabneys mentioned), and she is also dark-skinned. We've met Mrs. Dabney, who is (presumed) Caucasian, so the only way for the dark-skinned gene to be there is if Mr. Dabney is African-American.
  • Mrs. Dabney is played by Patricia Belcher and she is not Caucasion. She's black.

The Clique is a Self-Insert Fic written by Teddy, Skyler and Ivy
They originally wrote it for a Creative Writing class and wanted to show the dangers of being a bullying Alpha Bitch and her Girl Posse; unfortunately, they ended up doing the exact opposite. Fortunately it was widely popular and so they decided to keep writing the series under a pen name. The money they get from book sales is what's going to allow Teddy to go to Yale.

Charlie Duncan is Charlie Duncan.
One of these days she'll become Crazy Awesome, pick up a gun, and become a badass, Deal with the Devil-making Ambiguously Bi Mary-Sue Hunter.

Amy and Bob will find out they're having another baby in the series finale.
An unplanned sixth pregnancy wouldn't be a stretch for these two and it'd be hilarious to end the series with another Duncan child on the way.

Skyler will come back.
Goes along with the 'alternate WOWP' WMG near the top of the page, except Skyler is the Juliet to PJ's Justin.
  • Confirmed: Skyler will be in the crossover with Jessie
    • The first part of the special sets up a possible semi-regular return, as Skyler is going to be going to college in Denver.

Since the series finale has happened a spin-off series will now be created starring a different family who lives in the area.
An idea for who it revolves around could be the Dooleys. Bob, Amy, Charlie, Dabney, and other characters will be making cameos in on it. All to give an idea on how else the town is like to another family we saw a bit of.

Alternatively, there will be a spinoff set in the future, starring Gabe, Charlie and Toby.
Gabe will be the new PJ, Charlie will be the new Teddy, and Toby will be the new Gabe.

Amy pokes holes in the condoms
Virtually all of the family members admit that Amy is completely obnoxious. She's openly called the Scrappy here. Amy keeps getting pregnant. My theory is that Bob actually wants to divorce her, but stays with her for the kids; and she keeps getting pregnant to keep him around. If this sounds far fetched, I know a woman who did exactly this.

The series is a stealth-PSA about the issues of baby hoarding
Many episodes and plot points deal with everyone being miserable due to the Duncans churning out more kids.
  • The pilot episode deals with Teddy being stuck babysitting because everyone else is either busy with work or incompetent. This is Truth in Television, as many teenagers end up as parents for their siblings in these situations.
  • Teddy and PJ both admit that they've stopped going on vacations since Gabe was born.
  • Amy's sister assumed they would have stopped having children after Gabe was born because of Gabe, and was surprised they had more.
  • Gabe had a sad and heartwarming scene where he explained what it was to be the middle child to Charlie after they found out Amy was pregnant again; with their parents overhearing it and realizing he was correct.

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