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  • Instead of an exterminator, Bob always wanted to be a pro wrestler. His son PJ wants to be a rock star. One episode ends with Bob creating a commercial for his exterminator business where he dresses as a wrestler and fights PJ dressed as a giant cockroach. The song for the commercial was written by PJ, so Bob and PJ both got to live out their life's dreams at that moment.
  • In "Charlie Did It!", the entire sequence where Gabe and Teddy escape from the supermarket. Complete with Gabe creating multiple soda geysers, Teddy knocking the toilet papers on the floor, tripping Hugo, but the best was when Alice overcame her fear of Hugo and pushed a shopping cart right into him, saving Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie. Double points for ending with a Funny Moment:
    Gabe: (on intercom) Clean up on aisle... everywhere.
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  • The concept of the show is amazing. For once, this is a Disney Channel show that is about something besides "an extraordinary kid lives in an ordinary world." It makes it more relatable. It's refreshing.
  • The Muppets cameo. Dear God. The Muppets cameo.
    • Then Miss Piggy and Kermit asking Charlie if she preferred a frog or pig. Charlie sweetly answers "both." Miss Piggy implores her further, "if you had to choose one." Charlie's response? "I like bears" much to Piggy's annoyance and Fozzie's delight.
  • The revelation that they are going to show a lesbian couple ON A DISNEY SHOW!
    • You should also congratulate Disney for not giving into the website One Million Moms' demands that they remove the episode.
    • Even better. It wasn't treated as anything unusual or special. The couple were two happy individuals with a child of their own.
    Amy: Whether it's a Mom and a Dad, or two Moms or two Dads, nobody likes your bug stories.

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