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  • In the episode Baby Come Back, the kids drive around town trying to find the girl who kidnapped their baby sister (or something like that). PJ calls out the name of the kidnapper. Teddy calls out for Charlie... why? Does she expect the toddler to hear her call and come crawling to their van?
    • Well the girl who took her probably knew her name, so hearing someone calling for the kid might make her look to see who it is. Maybe.
    • Teddy was panicking and stressed. I guess it's justified that she doesn't act all logical in a situation like this.
  • How is it that Teddy was 15 when Charlie was 9 months, but didn't turn 16 until after Charlie's 2nd birthday?
    • Is it ever SAID that she was 15 when Charlie was 9 months? Maybe it took place at a different time.
      • Teddy's age is stated as 15 in "Kwikki Chick" (Season 1). Her birthday is observed in the Season 1 finale "Driving Ms. Dabney" (thereby, she is then 16, before Charlie's 2nd birthday). The fact that she's in a hurry to get her driver's license confirms this (16 being the legal driving age, for those of you who are non-US Tropers). In "Something Fishy" (Season 2), her age is confirmed as 16. In "Welcome Home", her age is now 17.
  • So it's shown in two episodes that Teddy absolutely sucks at dancing, but in the Shake It Up crossover she's good enough to be equal with famous dancers (no one said she wasn't as good as the people she was pretending to be)? There's no way she got that good with so little time to train (if any at all, I didn't see the full episode).
    • Nobody actually saw her dance. They were mistaken for the Duncan sisters, but no one actually saw them dance until after Flynn pointed out that they look nothing like the Duncan sisters, at which point Rocky stated outright that they have no talent and Cece claimed people would feel sorry for them because of their dancing.
      • She still manages to learn a routine & perform it flawlessly on television within a few hours, though.
      • Maybe Shake It Up! Chicago has the best choreographers in the business.
      • Every time she's been shown dancing before, Teddy was either using her own moves or trying to do something complicated. This time she had CC and Rocky and the dance looked pretty simple once you got down to it.
  • In the episode where the power goes out Ivy is supposed to video chat with a guy but can't because the power's out. But most laptops (including Teddy's, we've seen her use it plenty of times with out a cord) have a battery built in that charges so you can use it with out electricity. Why can't she just use the lap top?
    • Because the router for wireless internet doesn't work without power from the wall. You need an internet connection to video chat.
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    • So a cell phone running on a battery could be a wireless hotspot, or be the video chat device.
  • PJ and Gabe share a room. They must have shared a room before Charlie was born, based on context. Yet somehow there was room for Teddy to move into another room. Why did the boys have to share?
    • The room in the basement was used for storage, and was something the Duncans intended to clear out, but never had the time - when Amy found out she was pregnant with Charlie, they had to empty the room so that Teddy could move in there & the baby would have a nursery. Gabe & PJ started sharing a room because they couldn't move any of the kids into the basement at that time, and they didn't take Teddy's old (larger) room when she moved into the basement because the Duncans already had to redecorate Teddy's old room for the baby & the room in the basement for Teddy - If the boys took Teddy's room, that would mean they'd need to redecorate a third room, which would be an uneccesary expense when they had a baby on the way.
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    • That being said, I'm sure PJ and Gabe could bug their dad into helping them clear out the basement so one of them could move into a separate room. One weekend of moving boxes is a fair deal for a single bedroom
      • It's likely Bob & Amy told them that one of them could have the room, if they could decide which one of them has it, & they couldn't decide so the issue was dropped); or that if they wanted separate rooms, they had to sort the basement out themselves, but the thought of making some effort put them off. It's also possible that they simply didn't feel they could trust one of the boys to behave if their bedroom was in the basement whilst everyone else was upstairs.
  • Setting aside the fact that amusement parks are horrible places to work, but generally pay considerably better than minimum wage, why does Spencer need a minimum wage job at an amusement park? Aren't his parents rich?
    • He also worked at a juice bar and a sport store, so he obviously wants to be independent from his parents by making his own money.
  • Wouldn't PJ have needed his birth certificate to get his driver's license? Even if his parents took care of all the paperwork, wouldn't he have noticed the error as soon as he had the card in his hand?
    • I thought he needed a birth certificate so he could go to Mexico. You do need a birth certificate in order to apply for a passport.
      • Yes, but he would've got his driver's license before then & should have noticed the error in his name at that point.
      • Well, this is PJ we're talking about. He's not exactly known for being observant.
  • Gabe said in the first episode that his birthday is November 23rd, yet in the episode "Gabe's 12 1/2 birthday" which took place in May there's a blizzard in Denver, Colorado.
    • It's because his birthday was delayed because he was bad, then it was too close to Christmas, then he was bad again, so he never had his party until May.
    • The headscratcher is if it's even possible to have a blizzard in May in Denver.
    • The Hand Wave it by calling it a freak spring blizzard.
    • As someone who lived in Denver for a few years, this troper can confirm you can get some freaky weather like that even in May around Denver.
      • It's still a bit of an extreme example
  • Somewhat related to the question above, at the beginning of the series Gabe was 10 (The show started in April of 2010) and then about a year later, they celebrate his 12 1/2 birthday. I'm confused.
    • In the Season 3 episode "Name That Baby", Gabe's age is stated to be 13 by Amy.
      • That doesn't 100% answer my question
    • Gabe was supposed to be 10, but underwent a retcon so he was the same age as Bradley Steven Perry because he didn't look 10 & it was only going to get worse as he got older. The voice change he had during that didn't help matters.
  • In "Snow Show", Bob stated that he and Amy were not married in the eyes of the State of Colorado. Since Colorado is a Common Law Marriage state, he was quite incorrect.
  • Gabe, for some reason, is the only member of the family with black hair whereas both Amy and Bob are blond. Unless it was by some bizarre mutation in his DNA, he should have the same recessive genes as both of his parents, meaning he should be as blond as the rest of the family.
    • This was lampshaped in "Return to Super Adventure Land."
    Gabe: (talking about his replacement mother to Amy) She looks more like my mom than you do.
    • There is one possible explanation.
    • Actually, it is possible for this to happen in real life, although it's extremely rare.
      • As of the birth of Toby, the Duncan's now have two brunette children. I just suspect that Amy's not a natural blonde, especially since her sister has brown hair.
  • Why did the Duncans head to the hospital the second Amy went into labor? They should have known better, since she's a nurse and this is her fifth pregnancy. And I know they didn't make it to the hospital, but that's beside the point.
    • It's possible for a quick birth rather than a long, drawn out one. And even if it does take forever, most mothers go to hospital as soon as possible for help through the labour, coaching, especially if the father's not around.
    • In the episode with Charlie's first birthday, we see that Amy gives birth in probably around three or four hours, (going by the amount of time Teddy and Ivy spend in costume) which is INCREDIBLY fast, honestly, when you're talking real-life labour and not TV-labour. If she has a history of fast births (which we now have evidence that she's had at least 2 out of 5 times), then it's much smarter to go to the hospital when she first starts to feel signs of labour instead of waiting until it's too late and having an unassisted birth that could possibly be dangerous for her or the baby. Not to mention drug-free.
  • In the episode in which the Duncans are considering names for the new baby, Teddy suggests "Jonah" for a boy, saying that she chose it "after the character in the classic..."—and she's cut off before she can reveal the source of the name. Out of curiosity, any guesses as to what work Teddy was referencing?
    • Jonah and the whale, it's from the Bible. Jonah lived inside of a whale for a while.
  • Now that Toby is born, shouldn't the show be given a title upgrade ala Hannah Montana Forever? i.e. "Good Luck Charlie and Toby" or something?
    • Since Toby is a boy, and Teddy not only makes the diaries for Charlie about their "special" family but also gives advice as Charlie's older sister from a sister to sister standpoint, the diaries remain specifically for Charlie for now.
  • Speaking of Toby, where is he going to sleep? They decided not to move into a bigger house. P.J. isn't going anywhere, Gabe isn't truly in any danger of going to military school, and Teddy has at least a year until college. Is he really going to sleep under the stairs.
    • It also raises the question of who and what is more important to Amy. The new baby, or old memories. Good luck Toby.
    • Didn't PJ move out soon after Toby was born? Toby should be fine.
    • So Toby has to share a room with Gabe? He's probably either going to learn pranks from Gabe because he thinks Toby's name is cool, or Toby's on a one way trip to Chicago.
    • I know a family with 6 kids in a two bedroom house. They parents currently sleep in the den and their youngest who's a year sleeps in a crib in their room. Now they're looking at a 4 bedroom house with a living room that could be used as a 5th bedroom and you know what their kids have decided? The (4) boys want one room. The (2) girls want one room. They don't want to split up. They'll use the smallest room as a closet and mom and dad will have their own bedroom with the baby for now. Kids don't always WANT their own rooms.
  • What was the point of the Teddy and Spencer break-up when they were just going to get back together anyway?
  • A bit of a backstage headscratching: in "Take Mel Out to the Ballgame" what were they thinking when they came up for that set that was supposed to be a baseball game? With all that green and the large, out-of-place cinderblock wall it looks more like a Boston-area high school basketball game than what would presumably be a Colorado Rockies game at Coors Field (which would predominantly be purple, the team's color). On Shake It Up! in the episode "Throw it Up" (which was filmed in the same studio, during the same television season, by the same production company and was also a freshman show so the same budget restrictions would apply to both shows) they actually made a halfway decent effort to build a Wrigley Field set including actually using the Cubs logos and colors and an establishing shot of the actual stadium. Why did Good Luck Charlie cheap out to such an embarrassing degree?
  • What is Teddy short for?
    • Possibly Theodore or Theodora. Her middle initial is R, so she may be named after President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. She said in "Sun Show" that her parents were expecting a boy, but it is possible her full name is Theodora, as Charlie's first name is Charlotte.
    • Maybe Teddy is short for ... Teddy. Who says Teddy has to be short for anything?
  • Since when did PJ go to college?
    • Ever since he graduated in early season three, shortly after he moved out.
  • I'm still wondering about Teddy's fear at the end of "Charlie did it!" Here she's in the right due to the humorless owner of the store attempting to treat an infant like a hardened criminal.
  • I have two about plot threads that went seemingly unresolved:
    • In "Pushing Buttons", Teddy has to film a scene of an important moment in her life, so she chooses when her parents told her they were expecting a baby. Amy wants to portray herself, and does. She starts getting too involved with the production (something not uncharacteristic of Amy Duncan) and at one point mentions that she wants to see how she felt at that time. Teddy then blurts out "You want to know what I was feeling? Why are you having another child? You barely have time for the three you already have!" Teddy's rant comes out of nowhere, and that storyline wasn't really resolved (I might be wrong).
    • In "The Singin' Dancin' Duncans", Teddy's government class puts together a mock trial. Teddy is the attorney for Ivy, and Spencer, whose dad is a lawyer, is the attorney for Lynette. Lynette, meanwhile, is having a party, and invites everyone except Teddy. Ivy, who is invited, says that she won't go if Teddy can't. Ivy goes regardless, and Teddy begins to get suspicious, especially when Lynette starts acting nice to Ivy. Teddy even says that she called Ivy's house, but Ivy wasn't there. During the trial, Ivy says that she was out with Spencer, who has broken up with Teddy by this point in the series. After a frankly unfair barrage of questions, Teddy storms out, and Ivy apologizes later (for going out with Spencer). That's all good and well, but it doesn't explain at all why Lynette was nice to Ivy.
      • It's possible that Lynette was being nice to Ivy to influence her during the trial.
  • Sooo... what do you think happened with Gabe and Jo? Did they ever begin dating?

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