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Nightmare Fuel / Don't Get Spooked

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Something is wrong...

You have been SPOOKED!

  • The whole game's use of Surreal Horror and even Surreal Humor can be pretty unnerving via Nothing Is Scarier and how little sense it makes.
  • Many of the monsters you encounter in the Spookiest House in the World are more comical and ridiculous than frightening, but if you get too "spooked", the house makes a hideous transformation, twisting and warping almost beyond recognition and becoming even more inscrutable, going from a somewhat typical spooky old house into a visually visceral Eldritch Location. See the page image for a look at the effects of being too spooked.
    • To make things worse, when the house transforms, most of the normal inhabitants disappear, and all the explanation the text offers for any of it is "something has gone wrong..."
  • The cameo of Cthulhu, while played for laughs, has a very gross and visceral appearance, much more so than is usual depictions... which was probably the point. See here, if you're up for it.
  • Much like Cthulhu, the Snail Man is a man made of snails in the worst way possible. For the brave, here he is.
  • While played for laughs, Skippy's design is just as twisted and scary as usual, and just as deadly.

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