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Nightmare Fuel / Don't Escape

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It's... growing inside me...
  • From the first game, the player's screams of agony as the full moon arrives and turns them into a werewolf. This can often be followed by a gruesome description of a bad end if you failed to take all the necessary precautions.
  • From the second game, all of the descriptions of the bad ends. If you can't keep back all the zombies — or if, even worse, you accidentally run out of time while in the middle of constructing your defense — then they'll pile on you and tear you apart, piece by piece. Sometimes you might neglect to kill Bill and he'll also turn and try to kill the player.
    • You can also have this intentionally happen to Jeremy and Father Bernard by crippling them and setting them out on the traps as live bait. The narration notes that you'll never forget their screams.
    • There is an option to kill Bill with the axe while he is conscious. Bill obviously freaks out and begs for a more humane death, but you can simply ignore it.
  • The atmosphere of the third game is dramatically more tense than in the previous two; the ship is a mess as a result of what happened, with some rooms completely dark due to the lights going out. Add to that the fact that your murdered coworkers are lying slumped around the place, some of them bludgeoned and some stabbed by an unknown assailant. This game also includes small occasional jumpscares such as a huge eye replacing the backdrop of space in one of the windows or a bloodstained spacesuit standing in the airlock (implied to be hallucinations caused by your infection with the crystal).
    • The security feeds add to the tension as you continue to explore, and you watch as unknown person in a helmeted spacesuit murders all of your coworkers one by one. One of the feeds cuts out and, when cuts back in, shows the dark helmet inches from the screen — as if looking at you.
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    • Also from the third game, the moment when you finally enter the bunk room after having watched all the security feeds and step into a dark room, where you see the dark outline of a space helmet. There's one terrifying moment when you think you'll be murdered next, at least until you turn on the light and inspect the suit to find it empty. This leads directly into another terrifying realization, that you were the one murdering everyone under the control of the crystal, which is growing inside of you even now. You're infected.
      • Even worse is that you end up coughing blood onto your hand and cough out a crystal (see page image).
  • The fact that the fourth game is set in a wasteland where you can't escape from.
    • One death seen quickly in the trailer is the protagonist being torn apart by many bugs. Hope you don't suffer from entomophobia!
    • Now that the game's released, we have a whole slew of deaths to choose from. Featuring, but not limited to getting eaten by giant spiders, getting fried by toxic gas, burning to a crisp via heat wave, freezing to death, getting burned and electrocuted by an acid rain thunderstorm, getting mowed down by a violent gang and, of course, the moon crashing into the planet. And that's not even getting into the non-standard game overs!
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    • In the final stretch where David rushes back to the console to re-route the power before the Moon crashes into the Earth, if you wait long enough, you will start to see the bodies of Earth's remaining survivors violently being flung into orbit; a lot of them have been dismembered. Thankfully, the game never goes further than that if you continue to wait, but it gives you a bit more of an idea of the devastation that's unfolding.
    • While it's not shown, talking with Sarge will reveal the reason why he abandoned the military; he was supposed to keep a whole stadium of people, including his own child, safe from the disaster, only to have the ground itself split apart and swallow everyone in what he describes as "hellfire". His own son was trampled as the survivors stampeded out. It was then that Sarge decided to take what remained of his squad and go AWOL.
  • We finally get to see what happens when the shadow beasts from Deep Sleep get their hands on you. It seems that you get the pleasant experience to feel multiple versions of your death all at the same time as they possess your body. We also get an explanation what they are, sorta. In addition to being people whose bodies were possessed, they are also coma patients and outer-dimension travelers that are trying to regain a body in another universe. However, what isn't explained is how they find you. It's implied that transferring your mind between universes draws them to you. There are still a lot of questions about the dream world that isn't answered.
  • From the documents strewn about the Sidereal Plexus office you can realize how horrifying the extent of their plans is: they are trying to synthesize more of what is all but stated to be the parasitic crystals from 3 and implied to be the power source of many of their products. Said synthesis has a tiny chance of success, and a much bigger chance to send the moon and the planet to hell. Sidereal Plexus is just too willing to risk the annihilation of as many alternative Earths as it takes to get more crystals, each time evacuating their vital personnel when things go south.


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