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Nightmare Fuel / Creepshow 2

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"Help! It hurts!"
  • The death of Sam and his cronies, while well-deserved, is pretty damn brutal.
    • Fatstuff is taken out with no less than three arrows, one of which lands right in the center of his forehead. The look of surprise on his face as he sits on his couch with an arrow sticking out of his forehead and blood spilling onto his lap is a less-than-charming sight.
    • Then there's Andy, whose death is shown entirely through shadows and the ensuing splatter of blood on the wall. It must have been a damn fine swing on Old Chief Wood'nhead's part to do that much damage.
    • Finally and most notably, there's Sam himself, who is scalped to death. As with Sam, we aren't privy to the fine details, but the implication is more than enough. What really sells the scene is his scream. Dear God, it just keeps going and going!
  • Rachel's death in The Raft. The shot of her rising out of the blob in slow motion, only to be dragged back down, screaming and begging for help, will stick with you long after the movie is over.
    • Laverne's death is even worse. After entrusting Randy to take first watch she sleeps, he proceeds to turn around and molest her while she sleeps. In doing so, he places her down on the raft, with the side of her face lying over the space between to of the boards that make up the raft. Eventually, she wakes up and turns to him a state of agony and fear as we find that half of her face has already been covered by the blob. Pretty soon, she is covered nearly from head to toe and is dragged into the water screaming just like Rachel did.
      • Making it even worse is that Randy seemed like a thoughtful and all-around OK dude beforehand, especially in comparison to Deke. As it turns out, he's actually the worst one, by like a mile and a half.
  • The state of the hitchhiker by the end of the movie. The movie's lower budget compared to its predecessor means that it had to be more conservative regarding blood and gore, and by God did they know exactly where, when, and how much to use.

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