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Headscratchers / Creepshow 2

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  • Some Fridge Logic here: at the end of The Raft, we see a well-worn "No Swimming" sign partly covered by overgrown foilage, implying it had been there a long time. So then why is there a swim raft in the middle of the lake? The raft is obviously for swimming as there is a swim ladder on the side.
    • The implication I got was that the muck monster was the reason for the sign. Presumably, the raft was there before the monster was discovered, and wasn't worth reeling to shore.
      • Or the muck monster ate whomever was supposed to row out to the raft and haul it away.
    • It's also worth mentioning that the sign was added as a sort of punchline to wrap up the story for the movie. The short story ends with Randy going crazy at the sound of the loons by the lake and basically feeding himself to the monster.
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    • Possibly the raft was originally intended as a platform for fishermen to tie their boats to and set up deck chairs on, not for swimmers. The ladder was a safety feature in case someone fell off. Once the muck monster showed up and ate all the fish, nobody used it to fish anymore or bothered to haul it away.
      • Also, La Vern mentions in the car in the way to that the place they're going to had been "closed down since Labor Day." That means that the area was closed down due to the muck monster, or sometime between Labor Day and the events of the story, the muck monster arrived.
  • After swimming out to the raft in The Raft, Deke lights up some joints. So how does that lighter still work after being submerged in water? Moreso, how do those joints stay intact also after contact with water?
    • If you watch carefully, you'll see that he takes that stuff out of a little waterproof container.

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