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Nightmare Fuel / Bone Tomahawk

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  • Holy shit, EVERYTHING about the cavemen.
    • First off, they're inbred beyond comprehension. They come from generations upon generations of inbreeding. This, coupled with the fact that they're cave-dwellers, has completely devolved them into subhuman troglodytes.
    • Secondly, their mutated physiology. Their skin is painfully ingrained with all sorts of spiky animal bones, they're huge, hulking beasts of men that can tank through gunshots, and every inch of them is covered with some white ash that blends them into sand.
    • Thirdly, their brutality. They seem obsessed with disembowelment and Groin Attacks, and their entire "culture" is based around rape inbreeding and cannibalism. They also love scalping and bare-handed bisections. The thing is, it'd be different if they were just animals who didn't know any better. But no, even though they have zero emotion, it's clear they do all this strictly For the Evulz. It's like they're trained to deliver as much pain as possible.
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    • Then there's their weapon of choice, the bone tomahawk itself. Despite being made of solid animal bone, it's blunt enough to bust open skulls, yet sharp enough to decapitate with one swipe.
    • The cavewomen. All of their limbs are cut off and cauterized, then pikes are driven into their eyes permanently so they can't see. They exist to be raped, give birth, then get raped by their own sons in an endless cycle.
    • Finally, there's the noise they make, the only thing resembling communication they have. It's an unmistakably inhuman roar, and they pull this off by somehow wedging a strangely shaped windpipe made out of bone into their own throats.
  • Nick's death. First the cavemen scalp him, then they shove his own scalp in his mouth and keep it there with a hammer and chisel, then they hammer his penis open so they can bisect him with their bare hands. He's kept alive the entire time. You literally couldn't think of a worse death if you tried.
  • Hunt's attempted murder. First they cut his belly open, then they shoot him in the arm when he tries to resist, then they force a metal flask that's been roasting over an open fire for hours into the flap. Then finally, they try shooting him in the groin (an example of how needlessly cruel and sadistic they are), but thankfully, they don't understand how to reload guns.
    • And then they figure it out.
  • If you're squeamish towards throat slits, don't watch this movie. Literally the very first shot of the film is an excruciatingly long throat slit. The noises are so disgusting. There's another one near the end of the film, and this one's even longer, and involves a guy fishing a windpipe out.

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