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Nightmare Fuel / Batman Ninja

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And to think this is just his henchman.

Batman Ninja may not be exactly the very first anime Batman on the block. But, that doesn't mean it will settle for less as a more intense movie in its own merit. Plenty of scares are definitely abound in this title.

Warning: All spoilers will remain unmarked.

  • Batman getting encircled by Joker's own personal army, all bearing masks that are eerily similar to the Joker himself.
  • Depending on the Writer, the Joker can usually be portrayed as a Worthy Opponent to Batman himself or can be a complete wimp and punching bag for him. Here? He's more aggressive, focused, animalistic and cunning when he goes up against the Dark Knight this time around— as well as having more resources than Batman for once.
  • The scene where Red Hood brutalizes an amnesic Joker and Harley. Considering his backstory it makes sense why he would act the way he does, but it doesn't make it any less disturbing. To any other person he looks like a crazy man beating up a helpless couple who can't defend themselves.
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  • Joker letting loose in the climax. Up until now, the Joker's been his usual goofy, Laughably Evil self, but when the chips are down, the Joker snaps and becomes a savage Lightning Bruiser focused on nothing more than slaughtering Batman once and for all, resembling Heath Ledger's Joker if he took up sword lessons. It's a truly frightening display that the Joker had otherwise averted throughout the film prior and really sinks in just how insane Joker is deep down.

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