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Nightmare Fuel / Band of Brothers

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  • Frequent in this brutally realistic depiction of war, but the absolute worst has to be the concentration camp.
    Luz: Jesus Web, can you believe this place?
    Webster: (stunned) No.
    Luz: My God.
  • During the D-Day paradrop, a round from an AA gun goes through the cockpit of one of the planes and takes the copilot's face off. The pilot he was talking to when it happened is understandably freaked.
  • When Tipper gets wounded in the leg by an artillery shell, you can see the bone. And the remaining flesh, well, it twitches.
    • A very similar scene occurs in The Breaking Point, made worse because it happens to both Toye and Guarnere, one after another, and as the shot pulls away we can see the severed limbs.
  • The mortar shell that hits Muck and Penkala's foxhole. One second they're there and the next they're just... gone. Poor George Luz watches it happen, then finds a foxhole of his own only for another shell to land in that foxhole but turn out to be a dud.
    • Made worse when you watch the scene more closely and see that Skip turned around and saw the shell land right before it exploded.
  • Ed Tipper's fate as well. A mortar explosion breaks both his legs and destroys his right eye. Although it's not shown, he had to have it removed in the hospital.
  • In Episode 4, the fate of the women who slept with the Germans in the Dutch village. They're stripped to their undergarments and have their hair cut off, some of them getting swastikas stamped on their foreheads. Another is found on the side of the road with a baby. Fridge Horror tells us that she was forced out of her village. And it's likely that the baby's father is the German she slept with — meaning the father is either dead or never going to see the child. Or worse: the father is a man in the town, meaning he allowed this to happen. Whatever the case, it's still an incredibly chilling scene — especially since it's in the middle of a festival and there's happy music and cheering going on.
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  • In Episode 6, "Bastogne," an Easy company patrol runs into heavy fire from a German patrol, and one of the soldiers gets shot through the neck. As Babe Heffron tries (and fails) to get to him, we are treated to repeated (and uncomfortably long) shots of the wounded Easy soldier's blown-open trachea. And you know what's worse than that? They have to leave him behind.
  • In a bit of Fridge Horror, late in the episode, Doc Roe, the focus character, goes back to Bastogne while it's being bombarded. He finds the Regimental Aid Station was hit, walks in, and finds the headscarf of Renee, the nurse he met earlier and bonded with. He picks it up, dumbfounded, and eventually leaves. The angle of the shot is such that we, the viewers, only see him pick up the headscarf. But she wore it on her head: Doc Roe find her broken and mangled body, explaining his shock.
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  • In Episode 3, an unfortunate German soldier gets kneecaped and falls into the path of a retreating Jagdpanther, which squishes him into jelly underneath its treads. Feet first.
  • Episode 9, the absolute terror from the young German woman when she finds Lutz and Perconte in the barn. They just want eggs and to flirt with her but she doesn't know that. All she knows is the widespread rape occurring amongst German women on both the Eastern AND Western fronts (modern research and analysis shows that American/British/French soldiers raped women in Germany at almost the same rate as the more well known Russian crimes). She probably thought she was going to be attacked (possibly not for the first time).

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